Other times we made some terrible mistakes. No one can ever accuse us of not exploring the possibilities though. This is our legacy, as I see it.

I have done many things since the breakup of the group. I did stints with Sirius Trixon & The Motor City Bad Boys, lived in Hollywood and played in the original New Order with Ron Asheton of the Stooges and Dave Gilbert of the Rockets. I did a tour in 1981 with the New Race with Ron Asheton & Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman fame. The last pro tour was in 1998 with Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan , Deniz Tek and Gary Rasmussen as Dodge Main and with DKT/MC5.

I have programmed and set up CNC machining centers making different prototype parts for everything to the Sidewinder Missile bracket for the F-15 Eagle fighter jet, to the turret gear rack for the M1-A1 Abrams tanks that went to the Persian Gulf War in 1990.

I re-designed the full size animatronic robot animals on the stage at Major Magic’s All Star Pizza Review, co-produced the music and programmed their movements. I was commissioned to hire everybody from machinists, welders, and seamstresses to build, clothe, assemble, and install four more complete stage set-ups of 12 different characters in four other franchise locations in the country.

The last 12 years I have been working hard and fast writing two books simultaneously. Book number one’s working title, “An American Night in The Round”, is a full length novel which I refer to as a cross between satire and speculative fiction. Twelve years in the making, I hope to finish this tome in a year or two.

Book number two is currently titled, “A Walk in The Woods”, and is a generous collection of short stories, philosophical musings, and inspirational essays documenting my spiritual journey, and commenting on the struggles of life in Modern America. Currently in the editing stage, this book should be available for publishing by in 2010 I hope. I will also publish a book of blog posts in a year or so.

And last but not least I started my own production company named MGT Multi-Media LLC. and am looking forward to releasing my first solo music CD next year if time permits. We will be a full range media company. More on this later.

So in summary, I should hope the legacy of the MC5 is that of inspiring and encouraging exploration, using your imagination, and having the fortitude to pursue your hearts ambition.

A legacy of bold pursuit of all things possible and to stand tall for what is right, even if the price seems high.

In closing there is only one thing left to say and that is: “Let me be who I am…and let me “Kick out the Jams! Mother F**ker’s!

“Look, I really don't want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you're alive, you got to flap your arms and legs, you got to jump around a lot, you got to make a lot of noise, because life is the very opposite of death. And therefore, as I see it, if you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy, or at least your thoughts should be noisy and colorful and lively.” Mel Brooks

Thank you to the fans after 45 years for keeping the 5 alive....

Rest in Peace my brothers

Rob Tyner
Fred Smith
Michael Davis




We have a BOOKIE'S ANNIVERSARY show on Monday, March 17, 36 years after the first show. Scott Campbell intended to have this at the "new" Bookie's but he hasn't been able to do all the improvements.So it will be at the Perfect Pitcher on ST. PATRICK'S DAY

12900 Beech Daly
Taylor 48180
21+ $5
3:00 - The MOD
4:00 - The Porcelain Doll Collection
5:00 - Pick Axe Preacher
6:00 - Christy & The Professors
7:00 - Dirty Mind In Detroit
9:00 - Bloodline
10:00 - Saturnine Hello
11:00 - The Sillies


Our friends Loren, Mary Kay and Tony aka The Dogs are playing 2 shows at the 2014 SXSW Music and Film Festival March 7 - 16, 2014 • Austin, TX.  The Dogs are really good...if you are hanging out in Austin ..don't miss this band...lot's of folks talk about punk and talk about back in the day...but these 3 people are happening right NOW...and they do Detroit rock like nobody's business...

This is the real Detroit rock ala The Stooges and MC-5 a resurgence of this Iconic three piece band that is still as raw and fresh as it was in 1978.

Once upon a time in mid-'70s Los Angeles, THE DOGS surreptitiously were lumped into the Do It Yourself ethos of the nascent punk scene, ironic since they had zoomed past all that before they even relocated there and started their High Times rehearsal/recording commune and Detroit Records label on Gower Street in Hollywood.

They'd already fashioned same as teenagers in the late '60s without industry connections, blowing the locals and visitors alike offstage in all the important venues of the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing radius, later accomplishing same in Greenwich Village, New York City '74 where their punk community sure noticed what THE DOGS were doing, even if the rest of the entertainment world remained deaf, blind and moronically obstructionist.



Written by RetroKimmer

I did some work for the Death Band when they first reunited in 2009. I made their first blog page and taught them a bit about social networking. They took it from there and have done a fantastic job..There is a documentary about them.. A Band Called Death. Death was the first black punk band in Detroit in 1974.

Back in 2009, I played their music for Dennis Thompson and he really liked it but had never heard of them...I often wondered what Wayne thought of them.

Just now I saw a deleted scene from the Death Band documentary and Wayne Kramer says it very well..(as usual!)...

Retrokimmer is a successful writer, show promoter and new media agent. Kimmer’s blog, Retrokimmer.com, is about pop culture and it’s retro evolution into today’s hottest trends. She loves blogging about music, art, scandals, crime, stars, books, history and more...


Saturday, April 12, 2014
Mark your calendars! Support bands and more info coming soon. 
Advance tickets are available NOW from www.smallsbardetroit.com 
$10 in advance $12 at the door. 
They're going fast so get yours today. All ages!
With special guests The Dewtons and The Dives - Detroit★



Don't forget - The Standells East Coast Tour is coming up April 27th through May 14th! This is their first tour of the Eastern states since the 1960's, and they're doing it the old-fashioned way - on wheels! Be sure and get your tickets now!

The band, best known for their 1966 hit “Dirty Water” and remembered by many as The Godfathers of Garage Punk , released BUMP, their first album in over 40 years. Fast-forward to their upcoming spring tour, performances will include iconic songs from past albums as well as new songs from their latest release. Merchandise will also be available on-site at the show.

You can catch The Standells at:
4/27 - Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC
4/29 - Black Cat, Washington, DC
4/30 - BB Kings - Lucille's, New York, NY
5/2 - Open Arts Stage, Bordentown, NJ
5/3 - The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ
5/4 - Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA
5/5 - Cavestomp Presents - Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA
5/6 - Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT
5/7 - The Dover Brickhouse, Dover, NH
5/8 - Lovin' Cup, Rochester, NY
5/10 - Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH
5/11 - The Magic Bag, Detroit, MI
5/13 - Mayne Stage, Chicago, IL
5/14 - Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI


Howling Diablos bring a 'Detroit Meets Mississippi' Groove to 'Play House Blues'- Inspired by John Lee Hooker and Dedicated to RL Burnside- Produced by Tino Gross for Funky D Records 2013. Tino-vocals/guitar, John Evans-Harp, Erik Gustafson-guitar, Mo Hollis-bass, Johnny 'Bee' Badanjek-drums, Sam DiCaro & Carley Hartwell-back vocals...and featuring 'Hurricane' Carter-spoken word... Live footage@ Fillmore/Detroit by Bette Chapelle---Available On ITunes:


The "The Sounds of Birmingham: A Community of Music" exhibit will be kicked off by an evening with Ken Calvert, rock and roll historian (with special emphasis on Detroit area rock and roll) and WCSX/WRIF radio personality. Ken will share his memories of local rock and roll, for instance, introducing Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger to each other. Calvert will be interviewed by WCSX's Peter Werbe. Explore the Sounds of Birmingham exhibit before and after the program. The event takes place Thursday, March 6 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at the museum. Tickets are $25 and include refreshments. Spots are limited.

Call 248-496-3378 to reserve your ticket.

The Birmingham Historical Museum & Park is opening an exhibit called "The Sounds of Birmingham: A Community of Music." The exhibit will focus on local musicians and the role music has played in the community. Stories and artifacts of note include: CREEM magazine (whose offices were in Birmingham from 1972-1984 ) and Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who grew up in Birmingham. Major components will include a vignette depicting the CREEM office and Smith’s drums and awards. Other stories include Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary), Bob Seger,Scot Richard Case/SRC, Mike Posner, and We Came as Romans plus a Townsend Hotel Celebrity List and Autographs. Kids' hands-on activities included free!


The very first Erotic Poetry & Music Festival for me was back in the late 80's. Last year I helped Sue Summers with the show and the venue was too small...we had to turn folks away at the door. This year Sue moved the show to one of my favorite venues, the "Hastings Street Ballroom" in Detroit.

My personal favorite performer of the night was Margaret Doll Rod PinkMetal ,she was a treat for me to see, she is a amazing singer/song writer and poet.

 Damian Regep Satori Circus

Satori Circus and his cutting edge performance and humor,he always entertains me. Jimmy Doom and his spoken word enlighten the listener, Lianna T. her performance was compelling as her personal style shines thru her words.

Two funny guys, Peter Schorn & The Impaler hosted the show. Rock N Rummage, CreepynCute shop, to name a few of my favorite vendors. It was a joy to speak with the creator of the show from the late 80's "Marvin Surowitz" .

 The 27th.Erotic Poetry & Music Festival was a sold out show, the Ballroom was standing room only. Sue Summers has brought one of Detroit's little gems back and it's shining bright.

Looking forward to next year...! xo D.d.

D.d. Kethman 

Detroit RocknRoll Magazine has the distinct pleasure of announcing our new online blogging personality Ms D.d. Kethman!  Ms Kethman is a Detroit native, long time rock promoter and friend to all she meets...We look forward to her perspective on all that is Detroit Rock n Roll! 



Cheri Clair introduces two young bands making big waves in the waters of Detroit


The young standout band The Porcelain Doll Collection is a punk/garage revival, mostly female, band from Riverview, MI. The band consists of Alayna Brooke on Vocals, Lauren C Reyna and Cam Anderson on Guitar, Dylan Kissel on Bass, and Zoe Kissel on Drums. TPDC was formed on September 23, 2012. TPDC is heavily influenced by the RIOT GRRRL movement and garage rock/punk. TPDC's sound can be likened to Bikini Kill, L7, Tijuana Sweetheart, The Ramones, The Cramps, Kathleen Hanna, The Runaways, Joan Jett, and The Cramps. 

 Quote from the band: "We aren't here to bring around an old movement, we're here to create a whole new generation built on the staples of groups before us. An "in your face" act of feminism and other f-words over an energetic angst fest of raw music." 


Three Macomb teens have been shocking audiences and making waves all over Metro Detroit lately. The band, appropriately known as Shock Wave, has been together for about 3 years, but in that short time, has played an unprecedented amount of shows. Comprised of Angelo Coppola (17) – Drums & Lead Vocals, and brothers David Frankel (16) – Guitars, and Dylan Frankel (18) – Bass & Vocals, these young men have been making a name for themselves in the local and national rock scene. 

Aside from performing all over Metro Detroit, the band has made it a priority to use their talents to help those less fortunate. In their short time together, Shock Wave has played for over a dozen charitable events ranging from fundraisers for private individuals in need, to well known non-profit organizations that have raised money for children’s autism, toys for tots, breast cancer, children’s hospital and more. 



copyright photography Robert Matheu - robertmatheu.com
            JOE RUFFNER

I was visiting home in Ann Arbor, taking a break from working with my own group, Radio Birdman, in Sydney. My brother Kurt and I were having drinks in an awful student bar on Maynard, and we were talking about the pathetic state of music now compared to the "good old days". We walked out into the bitterly cold street where I noticed a handbill sized gig poster. It was advertising a gig by a band called "Sonics Rendezvous Band", and there was a photo of these guys...

copyright photography Robert Matheu - robertmatheu.com

Rock Action,from the Stooges; Fred Smith, from the MC5; Scott Morgan, from the Rationals; Gary Rasmussen, from the Up. I knew all about them from the old days...what Michigan had been to rock and roll music six or seven years earlier, which I had thought was totally lost now. This would be worth checking out. Some of the old fire might still be alive.

The gig was at the "Roadhouse", a blue collar Michigan bar and restaurant about 10 miles north of town off US23 (Whitmore Lake). It was on for that night and the gig had already started. I knew these guys had all been great in the past, and could be great now. We got in my brother's green '72 Olds Cutlass "S", and he gunned the big block V8.

Deniz Tek with Fred's former Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe guitar

We headed up snowy North Main St, over the river bridge leaving town, on to 23 and north a couple of exits, across North Territorial, off at the top of the hill, across old Whitmore Lake Rd. and pulled up in the parking lot. We went in. The place held about 40 or fifty people, mostly sitting around at tables. There was a small empty dance floor and dim lighting.

The band was playing. Immediately, it held a great fascination for me. They were better than I had hoped. As players, they were technically solid. As a unit, they had fused into something magical. There was Fred, playing his 12 string Rick (strung with six), through an old Fender Twin through a Marshall 4x12 cab. Set against and within the bedrock rhythm background of the band, his solos were the most fluid and original I had heard since Hendrix.

His playing had progressed beyond his time in the MC5. In those days he had already started work on transcribing legendary jazz sax solos to guitar, and adapting them to rock music. He had come much closer now to perfecting this idea...starting with Coltrane, Shepp and Lester Bowie but ending up with something entirely of his own. Scott Morgan with his old Telecaster, was the perfect sixties rhythm and blues foil to Freds' experimentalist approach.

copyright photography Robert Matheu - robertmatheu.com

Morgan had the great white R&B shout, as good but more subtle than Mitch Ryder. He could hit all the notes, with incredible timing and sense of cool. For my money, the three greatest white R&B singers were all from the Detroit area: Rob Tyner, Mitch, and Scott Morgan.

Fred had an element of Bob Dylan in his voice as well. Scotty "Rock Action" Asheton had his simple Ludwig kit, beating it and the locality to submission, shaking the building with sheer brute force, but with split-atom accuracy. Every member was totally focused and were simultaneously deep in the moment while lost in nothingness.

They had achieved "loose tightness"...a term Ron Asheton used to describe the impossibly elusive balance of freedom and spontaneity yet being in the pocket. I could feel it instinctively....I abandoned myself to the sound and the look of it. I danced. I laughed. I absorbed every beat of it.

During a break between sets I talked to them a little. Fred was very polite and reserved, preferring to just sit there, bourbon and cigarette in hand, observing, thinking, but saying only an occasional word or two here and there.

 Scott,Gary, Fred and Rock  
copyright photography Robert Matheu - robertmatheu.com

Scott Asheton was Rock Action. The world famous tattoo was there. His persona initially seems intimidating. I found out later this fearsome initial impression shields a rather shy spirit with a quiet, intelligent sense of humor. Gary Rasmussen sat casually smoking, was friendly and seemed to find everything amusing. Morgan was the most approachable and happy to hold a conversation.

I left them to their break after a few minutes and went to the bar to get a drink. Coming back to find my brother, I recognized Ron Asheton at a table by himself, a Seagrams Seven and soda in front of him, smoking a Lucky through an aquafilter cigarette holder. Like something in a movie rather than real. He had on those trademark aviator glasses, and sported a full length black leather SS officers greatcoat.

I had seen him in the band in 1969 and on the album covers ... he was a little bit heavier now, but instantly recognizable. I went right over to him and said hi, and became an autograph hound, asking him to sign one of the Roadhouse drink menus for me. I was going to give it to Rob Younger as a gift when I got back to Sydney.  STAY TUNED FOR PART 2

Deniz Tek photo: Anne Laurent

★Deniz Tek, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a prolific guitarist, singer and songwriter currently based in Sydney, Australia. His career in music, grounded in late-60's Detroit, extends through several decades and across continents. He is best known as a founding member of the influential Australian independent rock band Radio Birdman.

In 2007, Deniz was inducted into the Australian Music Hall of Fame, and in 2012 was voted number 7 in the top 100 Australian guitarists of all time.★



In an Iggy Pop galaxy far, far away comes this 1982 interview by Pamela Peer

Iggy Pop, also known as, James Newell Osterberg of Ann Arbor, Michigan was in a reflective mood on that drizzling San Francisco afternoon. He was recuperating from a sprained ankle suffered at an Edmonton, Alberta gig on the “Zombie Bird House” tour, which gave him pause to evaluate his circumstances.

“It’s the funniest thing, because it’s made me think about what’s important to me. It’s only a bad sprain. I’ve had much more basic things happen to me, but they didn’t faze me. But not to have your two feet on the ground, it’s like where’s my swagger?”

Before recording Zombie Bird House on Chris Stein’s (Blondie) Animal Records, Iggy had been soul searching. Touring to support Party, his last Arista Record, The Rolling Stones put Pop on a couple of their dates. Although he enjoyed it, when he got off the tour in December 1981, he “had this nagging dissatisfaction with where things were at for me. I was starting to feel too much like I had a career with a small ‘c’.”

That was when Stein approached Pop about recording an album on his Animal label. Stein outlined the structure of his small corporation and Iggy knew that the budget for the project Stein was proposing would be low.

At that time, Iggy had been living for two years at an “outrageously” priced Manhattan hotel and describes his life as” living it up daily”. Iggy needed time to consider the offer, so he popped down to the Carolinas to see family and golf with his parents during January. He concluded that if moved forward with Stein, living large at a Manhattan hotel and dining at NYC’s finest eateries would no longer be an option.

“I wondered if I had it in me to do something else,” Iggy recalls. Pop put himself to the test and sought shelter in Brooklyn. Actually, he asked his light man, Sal Lupo to find him an apartment because by his own admission, Iggy is “really lousy at apartment hunting”. To him, “Brooklyn was a vague image. I mean it might as well be Berlin.” After a thoughtful pause, Iggy continued, “My Brooklyn image was where a lot of writers came from and that sort of what I’ve been dying to do for a long time…to be an author. I’ve always wanted to articulate more fully in my work.”

And he did just that with the publication of “I Want More: The Stooges and Other Stories”. What started out as a photojournalistic Stooges chronicle, Iggy had an angle, and “I just wanted to spit that part of my life out.”

The book and new album reflects Iggy Pop’s new life experiences of living in an apartment, taking out his own garbage and learning to type. He says he uses the town well by eating its fresh food, writing all morning on his second-hand Smith Corona and commuting daily to the city. Pop feels he is living “efficiently and making every dollar count”.

When formulating the creative blueprint for Zombie Bird House, nothing was left to chance. Two months were spent in pre-production work. Iggy and long-time musical mate, Rob duPrey became equal collaborators noting, “There’s only so many times when it’s appropriate to have a hired hand. It’s nice to have somebody with equity.”

The two pooled their instruments and musical resources and had the sound on each song almost complete before going into the studio – “right down to which drumbeat goes where. “The words were the hardest thing. But what I was shooting for basically was alternative news. I was getting a real bad aftertaste from television. Real People (an NBC reality television series that aired from 1979 to 1984) isn’t a bad idea, but it isn’t real enough for me,” says the former Stooge. “I don’t mind the news, but I don’t love it either. So I wanted to talk less about myself and more about what’s around me.”

The vocals on Zombie are not as fluid in range as on his previous albums. Pop attributes this to his concern for diction in conveying the alternative news’ message and the lack of intoxication. Iggy says he was straighter during these sessions than on other albums. A little juice to grease the pipes on the next album probably wouldn’t hurt.

Considering Iggy’s new fascination with writing, it seemed obvious to ask if music was still a priority. He responds, “I enjoy live work, but I don’t think the traveling constantly is all that good for you. It’s like eating too much ice cream. I could never stop doing music. I really want to do Off-Broadway. I’d like to stay in a town and perform every night, with the ability to make it finely honed. I couldn’t imagine not singing or playing…I’m a rocker!”

Iggy Pop & Glen Matlock live in 1982, photo by Roberta Bayley.

Even among the most rebellious rockers, Iggy Pop has the reputation of being outrageous. But at 35, it seems the man is mellowing. Being sidelined in a hotel with a healing ankle, Pop notes “these past couple of days have been one of those times when in the past, I would have blown up.” But he isn’t exploding, he’s examining…himself.

Detroit audiences have always joined in the madness at an Iggy gig – after all, Detroit is his home turf. And he says, “when Iggy comes to town, get the bottles, the eggs, the pineapples…even guns have been displayed. I was shit scared this time ‘cause it wasn’t only Detroit, it was Halloween in Detroit.”

He did the Detroit and an Ann Arbor gig and a book signing – all interactive activities and Iggy was pleased. “I got respect. Nobody threw anything. I felt great about that.”

To what does he attribute his newfound respect?

“My attitude,” says Iggy. “I rocked my butt off on stage and tried to remember to say ‘thank you’ once in a while.”



One of the very finest guitarists in Detroit history is mostly unknown to the public. Terry Kelly..Terry's playing influenced many of the best Detroit players. We would love to have any or you who knew him to write in your stories about Terry so we can do a fitting tribute to him...Terry passed away in 2011.  Guitarist Robert Gillespie wrote this tribute to his friend originally posted here

Written by guitarist/friend: Robert Gillespie

A lot of people never heard of him I'm sure, but he was one of THE best guitarists from the Detroit area EVER.

Terry was the original guitarist in CACTUS and wrote many of the songs on the first album and just got a thank you, he also played with the Detroit Wheels after Mitch left in the late 60's and many other projects that never really happened.

One funny story about Terry; way back in the day he was at the in-famous Massimino Music store on 7 mile and Van Dyke and was trying out a guitar and played a Bone-Shattering lick......Ted Nugent was there with jaw dropped and drooling saying; "let's jam man-show me that?" and Terry said; "Naw I'm tired man" and left. He had it all the taste, the feel, the look and all the chops.

Just ask Jim McCarty......Terry did have some Demons as well like so many artists do and that may have been holding him back from success, regardless a chosen few of us that knew him are the ones that know just how talented the man was. I'm sure he'll be fronting the band in the after-life with many more like himself, and it will be one hell of a band!! God Bless Terry Kelly...................RKG

Terry Kelly plays at Dylan's with Dallas Hodge hosting



Peter Cavanaugh

Dave West played a prominent role in supporting and promoting Flint area musicians during the early days of Michigan Rock & Roll and was particularly involved in our Sherwood Forest concerts. Dave is best known as the inventor and developer of West Amplifiers, building and maintaining equipment for Grand Funk Railroad, which they used exclusively for many years, and supplying heavy duty sound systems for almost all of the major Michigan bands, including Bob Seger, Dick Wagner, Alice Cooper and the like, as well as dozens of local “baby bands” just getting it together.

Dave is now convalescing at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing after eight weeks of harrowing health challenges, including necessary amputation of his right leg below the knee, and major complications from a severe arthritic condition, as well as other issues.

I’m sure his spirits would be lifted considerably hearing from old friends and acquaintances in the form of get well cards and/or messages sent to

They say “Rock & Roll Never Forgets.”

More than not, I’ve found this to be true.

Thanks for your consideration of this request.





Author John Jeffire

"Motown Burning," which has just been released in e-book format on Amazon for Kindle owners. You can purchase the first chapter for only 99 cents to get a feel for it, or throw caution (and sanity) to the wind and purchase the whole thing for only $9.99! For those of you unfamiliar with the book, here is the synopsis: Detroit, late July of 1967, and the city boils over.

For Aram Pehlivanian, aka Motown, the Grande Ballroom and the music of the MC5 and Iggy Pop and The Temptations no longer provide a haven as destruction engulfs his city. However, escaping death in the streets during the '67 Detroit Riots only leads him to the jungles of Vietnam and away from Katie, the girl who might be his salvation.

Beaten on the streets of Detroit, hunted in the jungles of Vietnam, and fueled to survive by the music of the Motor City, Aram burns with one goal...to see Katie again. Winner of the 2005 Mount Arrowsmith Novel Competition and the 2007 Independent Publishing Awards Gold Medal for Regional Fiction. READ AN EXCERPT HERE

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