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James Williamson of The Stooges has started a new band with Frank Meyer of The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs and Petra Haden of that dog. It's called James Williamson & the Pink Hearts and they will be releasing their debut album Behind The Shade on June 22 via Leopard Lady records. Order it Below.

Behind the Shade by James Williamson & the Pink Hearts will be released on LP+CD, standalone CD, and digitally by Leopard Lady Records on Friday, June 22, 2018.

Riot On The Strip from the Album "Behind The Shade" by
James Williamson & The Pink Hearts
Directed by Amy D'Allesandro
Cinematography by James Rodney Stolz
Edited by David Schneider
Executive Producer James Williamson

Williamson supplies all of the riffs, guitar parts, and most bass parts. In addition, Behind the Shade features a wide array of talented accompanists. Michael Urbano (Smash Mouth, Bourgeois Tagg, Todd Rundgren, John Hiatt) provides inventive percussion and driving drum patterns. Gregg Foreman, Hervé Salters, Paul Roessler, Nick Hart, and Audrey Vera guest on keyboards and piano. Additional musicians on the sessions are Jason Carmer (bass), Don Rooke (lap steel), Geoff Yeaton (saxophone), Tony Peebles (saxophone), and Steffen Kuehn (trumpets).

The origins of the Pink Hearts stretch back to 2012 when Williamson was searching for backing singers to appear on what would become the final Stooges album, Ready to Die (2013). Latter-day Stooges bassist Mike Watt suggested his friend Petra Haden to Williamson. “Petra came in with her violin and blew me away with her playing and singing,” recalls Williamson. “Months later when we recorded the basic tracks, I included her on what would become Ready to Die’s closing track, ‘The Departed’.”


1. "Riot on the Strip"
2. "Judith Christ"
3. "Pink Hearts Across the Sky"
4. "You Send Me Down"
5. "Destiny Now" *
6. "This Garden Lies"
7. "Purple Moon"
8. "Miss Misery"
9. "The Revolution Stomp"
10. "Behind The Shade"

11. "Died a Little Today" **

All songs written by Frank Meyer & James Williamson except:
* Paul Nelson Kimball & James Williamson
** Alejandro Escovedo




Sun, Jun 5 7:00 PM

Detroit Film Theatre

Sun, Jun 12 7:00 PM Ann Arbor

Michigan Theater - Auditorium

There’s a reason why many consider Iggy Pop the godfather of punk – every single punk band of the past and present has either knowingly or unknowingly borrowed a thing or two from Pop and his late ’60-early ’70 band, the Stooges. Iggy Pop, an outstanding artist known for his outrageous and unpredictable stage antics, sings at the Baloise Session in Basel, Switzerland, where he was honored with a 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.

This fantastic performance features many of Iggy Pop’s top hits, including I Wanna be Your Dog, The Passenger, Lust for Life and many more. Advance tickets and festival passes are available at the Cinetopia Film Festival website. - See more RETROKIMMER.COM



Steve Mackay, saxophonist for The Stooges, has died due to complications from sepsis. Steve was 66.

Steve was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the 1960s, he went to Ann Arbor to attend  the University of Michigan's art school. This is when he met Iggy (Jim Osterberg) at a Carnal Kitchen gig.

Iggy invited Steve to jam with the Stooges. Steve played on: "Fun House" and "1970".

Following the recording of classic LP Fun House, Steve toured with the Stooges. when Iggy and the Ashetons reunited, he was invited back to perform on the band's 2007 album The Weirdness and 2013's Ready to Die.

 Stooges Inducted into Rock Hall of Fame..Steve second from left

Steve toured with the band in recent years. We got to see him in 2011 play with the Stooges at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor...he was fantastic!

Steve also made solo records and worked with so many other groups such as, Violent Femmes, Sonny Vincent, Mike Watt, and R. Stevie Moore

Iggy shared his thoughts on Steve's passing:

"Steve was a classic '60s American guy, full of generosity and love for anyone he met. Every time he put his sax to his lips and honked, he lightened my road and brightened the whole world. He was a credit to his group and his generation. To know him was to love him. - Iggy."

Rest in peace Steve...our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and legions of fans..

Enjoy this full Stooges show from Detroit



The Richter Scale reported that the west side of Michigan felt a rare 4.2 earthquake Saturday afternoon as The Boss Mustangs threw down their final show in Hudsonville, MI. Coincidence? I think not. These fuzzy fellas have been kicking down some of the most powerful live sets that you have ever seen, and why not go out with a literal earthquake that was felt throughout the Midwest?

Formed by Mastermind and exceptionally talented guitarist/songwriter Mickey Catalina in 2009, The Boss Mustangs released their self titled debut album on Spinout Records in 2011 (and an extended release on Rotoscope Records in 2013).

Like many bands, they had some line-up changes.  I have only seen their current four piece; Dan Cadillac (vocals), Mickey Catalina (guitar), Hyde DeSoto (bass), J. Edsel Hoover (drums).

I was a bit late to the game.  I discovered these guys in late 2011.  Ann Arbor and pockets of SE Michigan had just been through a very dark period.  The asexual indie rock/folk scene dominated all areas of the country, and Ann Arbor/SE Michigan was not excluded.  I stopped going to live shows, as they turned into one big snoozefest after another.

I lost faith and like so many other music enthusiasts, I needed something to kick my ass all over the place and leave me on my hands and knees, begging for more. In November of 2011, I popped into a really great show at Woodruffs (Ypsilanti) that included Blue Snaggletooth, Lava Moth, Wild Savages and the mighty Boss Mustangs.
The Mustangs offered some crazy freak out Rock ‘n’ Roll Garage Punk that we all so desperately needed.  It was love at first sight and sound.

I made the drive out to Beer City Spring Fest in Hudsonville, Michigan on Saturday May 2 to see the final Boss Mustangs show.  The fest was cool. They had a lot of breweries feature tastings of great west side brews including Dark Horse, New Holland, Vaner Mill Ciders, Mitten Brewing Co., and well, as you can imagine, a ton more (see the full list here).

The Boss Mustangs kicked things into high gear with “Turn On,” one of their signature tunes that always hook the crowd.  Mickey Catalina may be a clean technical guitarist, but he can get real down and dirty.  His heavy, powerful tone will hit you like a tsunami (check out Catalina's cover of Maggot Brain).  Michigan has some of the finest guitarists this country has to offer, and Catalina stands out as one of the best. 

The original Mustangs line-up had two guitarists, but really now, who needs a second guitar player in the band when Mickey can easily do the job of two men?  He’s incredible to see live and I look forward to the projects he takes on in the future.  Front man Dan Cadillac is quite a vision on stage and has a remarkable vocal range.  He offers straight up Rock ‘n’ Roll swagger with breathtaking waves of Dickie Peterson and Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Watch  the Official Video for “Turn On.” 

Moving through the set, they hit on “Burnout” which reminded me of one of the reasons why I love their live shows so much. The rhythm section. The heavy-handed bassist Hyde DeSoto joins forces with their commanding drummer Jason J .Edsel Hoover, delivering an unforgettable pulse to each and every tune.

We can thank these two Rockers for the hip shakin’ grooves that keep us locked into the unrestrained, wild sound that make The Boss Mustangs so appealing. Memorable tunes on their final set list included “Mrs. McKee,” "Hazel Holly,” "No Friend” and in the absolute true to form spirit of the band, they ended the show with a blistering cover of “KOTJ” by The MC5.

Did you hear that? THAT was the sound of my heart breaking. No more Boss Mustangs. Thanks for many years of astounding live performances that left your audiences floored and begging for more. Thanks so much for The Last Hurrah.

Post Mustangs News: Dan Cadillac is actually a superb guitarist in his own rite and has moved on to the Heavy-Psych band Imperial Sun Crusher, with larger than life bassist Hyde DeSoto. They will be coming back into SE Michigan for FuzzFest this June.

Story and Photos by: Theresa Kiefer
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