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Voyag3r, Jesse Shepherd-Bates, Almost Free, CARJACK
This is a line-up worth writing about.

That’s right, Friday, May 2nd, this chimerical bill will grace the stage of the New Way Bar in Ferndale, as part of the 2014 Metrotimes Blowout. First, about the New Way Bar. (Remember when New Way was the only Rock ‘n’ Roll venue in Ferndale?) New Way was passed on to new owners about a year ago and the reviews are all positive. The place is the right combination of Ferndale and local hole in the wall… oh, and skeeball. They’ve been booking a lot of good shows here lately: Gary Quackenbush, The Potter’s Field, Frijid Pink, Bars of Gold.

Now how about the acts? Is there a thread that assimilates these acts? If there was it would be one of analog, moog, synth, syncopation; of unhurried rhythms that build and crash and follow no premeditated equation in getting there. In reality the greatest similarity of these four acts is their complete lack of similarity. They are each completely unique in genre and style and represent a cross-cut of the Detroit music scene and that is precisely why I choose this to be one of the best events of the Blowout.

For starters take Jesse Shepherd-Bates. Jessie is part of (or all of) JSB Squad, The Satin Peaches, D’Orchestra and The HandGrenades. Jessie will be playing a solo set on piano.
 “All new stuff, can't say much about why I'm doing it but it's a preview of my next big project. My main focus right now is The HandGrenades.” - Jesse Shepherd-Bates
The HandGrenades just released a new video Tuesday, directed by Jesse, and have a new EP coming out May 13th. Check out the video: The HandGrenades are pretty amazing and the video is sweet featuring cinematography and editorial by The Work, Inc. I love Joby Kaslowski’s drum work on this EP.

Next up is CARJACK. What can I say? CARJACK played his first Blowout in 2007 and it landed him on the Detroit underground map. Since then he’s played with Electric Six, Deastro, Troy Gregory, and even been backed by full bands including Wildcatting and the Sights. He was recently nominated for a DMA for Best Video (under $10,000) and is one of the funnest acts in the city; think Buck Rodgers with a drum machine playing Descendents with Dollrods energy.

"CARJACK: Sounds like the Stooges played through an Atari. What's not to like?" -
Next on the bill is Almost Free, a power trio that layers effects loops and grungy guitars to build a serious wall of sound that blends seamlessly with smart lyrics. Think Interpol meets Mogwai and have upbeat Depeche Mode over for lunch. The solid focus of Almost Free always rings through and their live show is definitely memorable.

Taking the stage at 12:45 is Voyag3r, pronounced “Voyager 3”. Inspired from sci-fi/horror/action soundtrack music, Voyag3r have set out to create dynamic, epic, moody and atmospheric sounds intended to inspire. This experimental rock sound is like a movie-less score or the soundtrack to a far-away mysterious journey.

Voyag3r is putting the finishing touches on their debut full length LP (the follow up to last year’s Victory In The Battle Chamber 7") to be released on Bellyache Records. The 12" vinyl LP will be packed to the brim over 35 minutes of synth based horror/sci-fi/action adventure score rock. The album was recorded at the Tempermill studios in Ferndale. All vintage analog synthesizers, guitars and acoustic drums were tracked to 2" analog tape for maximum authenticity for vintage sound and spirit and is slated for release in mid to late August. For more information and update on this and other Voyag3r news, visit

Other Blowout picks of mine:


If you are into Folk/Americana, The Whiskey Charmers will have you staring into your glass of bourbon, thinking about escaping your most recent heartbreak by hittin’ the road. Paychecks - 9:00
Then of course there’s the Ragbirds playing at Rustbelt Market - 11:30. Ragbirds are ALWAYS a good time show!

Johnny Headband is coming out of live-show hibernation and their set at The Loving Touch - 10:15, features Lord Scrummage - 9:00, and will be a showcase for Detroit The Album – 11:30

The Paper Sound just released a new album, Trajectories, and their set at Capo Lounge - 11:30 will be a memorable event, I am sure.

Doop and the Inside Outlaws, Paychecks - 11:30 Don Duprie may very well be the best songwriter in Detroit. This is a must see Detroit act.


I already gave you my Friday venue pick but a few other acts worth mentioning:

Woodward Avenue Brewers (WAB) has a great lineup with a Gangplank Records showcase including: Detroit's DUENDE!, The Thornbills, American Mars, Captain Ivory and The Blueflowers.

At 9:00 at Rustbelt Market you can catch Yum featuring someone I consider to be one of the most impressive young women in the scene, Elise Poirier. Hailing from Bay City and Freeland, this act blew me away the first time I caught them. They have a show coming up at New Way Bar with Duende! and The Ghost Wolves on June 27th

Blue Snaggletooth is proving that you can honor hard rock's past while pumping fresh blood into its future. Hop on board their spacecraft while there's still room for new riders. Jumbo’s Bar - 11:30

Of course, I can’t not add The Hentchmen, at Paychecks Lounge.- 12:45


Crooked Little Reasons at New Way Bar – 9:00

Palaces at Old Miami – 10:15 You can also catch Palaces June 17th at PJ's Lagerhouse.

Jumbo’s Bar with Disinformants - 10:15, followed by The Bomb Pops - 11:30

Lee Marvin Computer Arm, a band I have been consistently amazed by, at Magic Stick -10:30

White Shag at Smalls – 10:15 and stick around for Broadzilla – 11:30

Please everyone, be safe bouncing around the city and don’t drink and get behind the wheel!

Jason Osburn is a Kimchi and craft beer fueled artist, graphic designer, chef, daddy, and writer. (not necessarily in that order) He’s worked in and around the music industry in Detroit and Nationally for the better part of 20 years. 
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