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Out January 24, 2019: Screamin’ Rebel Angels: Heel Grinder LP
A Post-Punk, Rockabilly Masterpiece For the New Year

Screamin’ Rebel Angels are proud to release their sophomore LP Heel Grinder on Hey-Lo Records out January 24th, 2019: thirteen lucky tracks of raging, stomping, rock ‘n roll, post-punk to ring in the new year. The band will be throwing their NYC record release show at the Mercury Lounge on January 25th, kicking off a string of dates on the East Coast, with West Coast, Canadian and European dates to follow.

The music video for Ooh! My Soul, the first single from Heel Grinder has already racked up +38k Facebook views and counting, and can be seen here:
About Screamin’ Rebel Angels:
Laura Palmer’s Screamin’ Rebel Angels are relentless, as in they DO NOT RELENT. Neither in their rock and roll, nor in the industrious pursuit of their craft and business. As a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, illustrator and designer, Laura drives the music, business, and visual language of Screamin' Rebel Angels; a joyride into the universe of ferocious feminine power, primal rock 'n roll and a compelling creative spirit. 

She also manages the band, its publishing company and its newly launched record label Hey-Lo Records. The band is truly a woman-owned small-business and takes its DIY credo to heart because they have to… it is either that or relent.

Screamin’ Rebel Angels’ sound is built upon a foundation of rockabilly but like The Clash and The Cramps before them, they take the style and run with it, making it into something timeless, exciting, and all their own. Screamin’ Rebel Angels are rockabilly the way Neko Case is country - they are, but that is really just the beginning of the story.

Live the band is incendiary. Palmer’s voice is a big as they come, and she is backed by purely top-shelf players. They burn up a room, and remind us why live music is a truly vital and necessary art form. In the studio they’ve managed to capture this lightning-in-a-bottle.

Production of Heel Grinder was handled by Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, Bob Mould, Frank Black) and the album leaps out of your speakers. This album is the antidote to a world full of down-tempo EDM, chill-out mixes, and music to make us point-and-click. Screamin’ Rebel Angels strive make you sweat, dance, shout, and jump, and they WON’T relent.

Screamin’ Rebel Angels: Heel Grinder
Out January 24th on Hey-Lo Records
Ooh! My Soul
Baby Gets Down
Heel Grinder
Hands Off
I Believe
Brassy Brown
Something On your Mind
Sweet Petunia
Where You At
The Devil Whispered To Me
Racing Death

Instagram: @ScreaminRebelAngels
Twitter: @ScreaminNYC



I've been representing Sheldon Kay and his radio show for several years now and I feel like I've know him forever. Our relationship is nearly telekinetic. I try to anticipate his needs... or help him find the words he's looking for... or sometimes we just look at each other and know what we're thinking. It's an ideal business relationship because nothing is more important than communication.

The Rock and Roll Lawyer Show, which celebrates the rockabilly, roots, and other various musical realms, airs every Friday at 6 PM EST on WCXI 1160-AM -- which can be heard on terrestial radio in some areas and streaming worldwide using or the TuneIn App for mobile devices.

Sheldon Kay is really a lawyer and he's gotta work sometime....

One of my favorite parts of working with the radio show is chatting with listeners in our facebook group:

I look forward to meeting lots of new listeners!

Cheri Clair is the Creative Director and Publicist for Sheldon Kay, The Rock and Roll Lawyer... in addition to being a contributing editor here, booking bands and doing promotion.

Episodes of one season of Cheri's own radio show with her husband, 'The Shagg & Cheri Radio Blast', can be heard at

Cheri's email address is
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