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Johnny Bee Badanjek did some hot drumming on Alice Cooper's new EP "Bread Crumbs" and gave us a Bee review tonight! Thanks John! xoK

Johnny Bee: Someone told me that producer Bob Ezrin was trying to get in touch with me. When I came home there was a message from Bob saying to give him a call. I called him back. He was sitting in LA in a Hotel Room with  Alice Cooper. He asked me If I knew of any good drummers in town, I said, I knew hundreds. But, there's only one who has that Detroit sound...that would be me.

They both cheered. He spoke of an upcoming project with Alice that dealt with his roots in Detroit that would include Mark Farner. I said, cool! He wanted to mix things up with players and add a little soul with Rock & Roll.

He said he wanted a solid soulful funky Bass player. I answered, Paul Randolph. Next, he wanted a young hot lead guitar player, I told him his name was Garrett Bielaniec. The final piece was Amp Fiddler, unfortunately, Amp was stranded in England. We also had Nolan Young on Saxophone and Allen Dennard Jr. on Trumpet.

The session was rounded out with Bobby Emmet (Sturgill Simpson) and Bob Ezrin on Keyboards. The fun began with the song selections.

Up first was a song I recorded when I was fifteen years old in Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels. Bob took Shorty Long's version of "Devil With A Blue Dress On" back to the original version (which we adored). and mashed it up The Dirt Bombs version of J.J. Barnes "Chains Of Love.'

Next, a song from a prolific teenager named Bob Seger, the classic "East Side Story," Some of the surprises was the re-working of Alice's "Detroit City" and the collaboration of Alice and Brother Wayne on "Go Man Go."

The Detroit train kept rolling with Suzy Quarto's song "Your Mama Won't Like Me," and finished off with Badass Fred Sonic Smith's song "Sister Anne" (MC5). And this is how Breadcrumbs came to be. It's great having Alice back home! can never leave Detroit! 😈



Steve Hunter March 2014 photo Karen Hunter


Great news! Steve Hunter's Oscar Teller Acoustic guitar is now going be auctioned by Julien’s in their Icons & Idols Rock n Roll sale later this year.
Julien's are one of the worlds largest celebrity auctioneers and you can find out more about them here….

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

This 1964 Oscar Teller nylon string acoustic guitar has quite a history. While recording Peter Gabriel’s first solo album, we rented this guitar to use during the sessions. I loved it and would noodle on it when I wasn’t working. Robert Fripp played this incredible fast-picking part, as only Fripp could do, on this guitar in the song “Humdrum”.

There was a party after the album was finished and this guitar was given to me by Bob Ezrin and Peter. I still have the little card in the glove box. I later used this guitar on the Alice Cooper hits ‘I Never Cry’ and ‘You and Me’ plus Japanese Artist Nobuteru Maeda’s ‘Hard Pressed’. I used it on my solo album The Deacon and countless other recordings.

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

The guitar is getting quite fragile now. It’s 50 years old and has done a lot of work....scratched and dinged, but it’s a beautiful sounding guitar. I think it’s time it made it to a not be played any more.

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

It’s too fragile and it should be kept for its history. This guitar is for very serious collectors only and I hope someone who really loves guitars with a real history will give this guitar a great home of honor. Thanks to you all and Blessings...steve

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

Interested in owning this amazing Guitar? 

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

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