German Krautrock legends faUSt will be making a rare appearance at El Club in Detroit on July 13, 2018!

faUSt is an experimental rock band which came out of the Hamburg music scene in the late sixties. Formed in Wümme in 1971, faUSt were the first band to have the term “krautrock” applied to their music, and to the genre that ensued. faUSt were one of the first bands to use the recording studio as an instrument. Their live appearances were explosive (literally), as the pinball machines and jack-hammer legends detail.

Krautrock Legends faUSt to Tour North America Summer 2018!

Vagabondages in North America tour featuring founding members Jean-Hervé Péron & Werner 'Zappi' Diermaier

German Krautrock legends faUSt will be embarking on their Vagabondages in North America tour in July 2018! faUSt is an experimental rock band which came out of the Hamburg music scene in the late sixties. Formed in Wümme in 1971, faUSt were the first band to have the term “krautrock” applied to their music, and to the genre that ensued. German for “fist,” and also the protagonist of Goethe's eponymous play, faUSt were one of the first bands to use the recording studio as an instrument. Their live appearances were explosive (literally), as the pinball machines and jack-hammer legends detail.

Featuring founding member Jean-Hervé Péron, faUSt's North American tour begins on July 11th in Chicago. There will be line-up changes and guest additions at various points of the tour – founding member and drummer Werner 'Zappi' Diermaier will join the ensemble in Brooklyn on July 22 to the end of the tour. Also featured with the band is guitarist Amaury Cambuzat.

Hello faUSt friends in Canada and USA!

As for 1994! and for the fifth time now, faUSt will ride again the highways of your continent, up and down from Chicago/IL to Montreal/QC, across and back, from Brooklyn, NY to L.A., CA, spreading the good words of DadaKrautRock.

Here all musicians involved in the tour... well, almost all because we do have “last-minute guests”...

faUSt line-ups:

July 11 line-up:
Bobby Conn (vocals and guitarist), Monica BouBou (vocals and violin), Josh Johannpeter (drums), Amaury Cambuzat (guitar and vocals), Tim Barnes (drums and sounds), Jean-Hervé Péron ((vocals, strings, wind and tools)

July 12-21 line-up:
Amaury Cambuzat, Tim Barnes, Jean-Herve Peron

July 22 line-up:
Amaury Cambuzat, Tim Barnes, Braden Diotte (bass and sounds), Werner 'Zappi' Diermaier (drums, vocals, tools and metal), Jean-Hervé Péron

July 25-29 line-up:
Ernsthafte Angelegenheiten (all-female punk trio), Amaury Cambuzat, Braden Diotte, Werner 'Zappi' Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Péron

faUSt Vagabondages in North America tour dates:

July 11 - Chicago (IL) - The Empty Bottle
July 12 - Cinncinatti (OH) - Woodward Festival
July 13 - Detroit (MI) - El Club
July 14 - Hillside Festival / Guelph (ON) / Canada
July 15 - Toronto (ON) / Canada - Jamfactory
July 16 - Montreal (QC) / Canada - BAR LE RITZ PDB
July 17 - Portland (ME) - Space Gallery
July 18 - Boston (MA) - Brighton Music Hall
July 20 - Philadelphia (PA) - Underground Arts
July 21- Baltimore (MD) - Creative Alliance
July 22 - Brooklyn (NY) - Murmrr Theater
July 25 - San Francisco (CA) - The Chapel
July 26 - Felton (CA) - Don Quixote's Music Hall
July 28 - Los Angeles (CA) - Summer Happening / Social Shamans / The Broad
July 29 - San Diego (CA) - Casbah

In May 2017 faUSt released a new album “Fresh Air”; a partially live CD, some tracks were compiled from the band's gigs in Los Angeles, Austin and Jersey City in 2016. To purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Fresh-A ir-Faust/dp/B06XR82XV9/ref=ntt _mus_ep_dpi_1

For more information:
http://faust-news.blogspot.com /



There are so many amazing musicians performing at River Days and it is only 11 days away!! Check out the full lineup here and view the complete schedule READ MORE



Announcing the launch of the inaugural Motor City Muscle® Festival with an exclusive, authentically Detroit party at the historic Ford Piquette Avenue Plant – birthplace of the Model T. Make history and revel in automotive and musical inspiration as MCM announces the complete festival schedule of events.

The exclusive party inside the Ford plant and in its courtyard will present two rock stages featuring performances by Detroit-raised Danny Koker of the History Channel television show Counting Cars and his band Count's 77 and Detroit Music Award-Winners The Muggs.

Enjoy additional performances from the MCM Motor-Rock Contest Winning Bands, Cadillac Kidz, Choking Susan, The Lows and The Seatbelts.

JUNE 21 Motor City Muscle® Festival | 
Exclusive Launch Party & Media Event
by American Entertainment Technology

$88 – $313
Thu, June 21, 2018
7:30 PM – 11:30 PM EDT

The Historic Ford-Piquette Avenue Plant
461 Piquette Street



Heads up, London indie upstart Bruno Major will make his Detroit debut at Marble Bar (1501 Holden St) on Saturday, June 2.

The singer-songwriter's "versatile and vulnerable" (Billboard) sound listens somewhere in between Nick Drake, Rhye, D'Angelo and James Blake, ranging from "futuristic soul to warm, jazz-flecked finger picking, to minimalist bass and vocal combinations" (Paste).

Sam Smith hand-selected Bruno as support for his "The Thrill Of It All" UK Arena tour, which just wrapped in April. (No surprise, Boston Globe says Bruno "...splits the musical difference between Sam Smith and James Blake").

LISTEN to his latest project, achingly vulnerable, 12-track, R&B-inspired pop collection: 'A Song For Every Moon' (my faves "Just The Same" and "Wouldn't Mean A Thing").


After I did the “All of the Above” and “Trampling Out the Vintage” solo albums, I continued developing new song ideas and recording them as I went along. A little over a year ago, my longtime friend, the bassist extraordinaire Kenny Aaronson, asked me about collaborating with him on songs for the upcoming Yardbirds studio album, scheduled to be produced by Jack Douglas later in the year.

Kenny’s been playing with The Yardbirds for a number of years and they are just a stellar rock and roll band. Of course, I jumped at this opportunity, and we started sending ideas back and forth. Over the next several months, we developed several song concepts into various stages of completion, and had a good time along the way!

Guest musicians including Kenny Aaronson (bass), Jon Butcher (guitar), Morgan Fisher (piano), and Garry Segal (harmonica).

All the while I kept working on my own as well, as there seemed to be so many things to write about. Real world inspiration produced many of these tunes, including the title track, which was written after some long conversations with some Vietnam vets – the verses are their stories, and the chorus is my take on how all of our vets continually to be treated; “Blood on the New Rising Sun,” about the Charlottesville protests; and both “Jack for Joe” and “Meet Me at the Bottom of Your Glass,” about lost friends.

I always wanted to write a tune using just piano and voice, a la Tom Waits, so that’s how the demo of “Meet Me” started out. For the final version, I enlisted the help of virtuoso pianist Morgan Fisher, who brought elegance to my ragged tune.

Another collaboration resulted from monster guitarist Jon Butcher’s suggestion that it would be fun to work together. I thought “Blood…” might be a good vehicle for a collaboration, since it had a lot of real estate for Jon to do his thing, and he did not disappoint, laying down electrifying guitar parts on his vintage Tele.

As the songs started piling up, I received the disappointing news that The Yardbirds would not be doing a new album, so I decided that some of the tunes that Kenny and I wrote together, including “Goodbye to Yesterday,” “The Lyin’ King” and “Family of One” would appear on this album. Also included here are my arrangements of “The Story,” popularized by Brandi Carlile, and “Walls,” a tribute to Tom Petty that I recorded in the days following his passing.

The last song I wrote for this record is the first song you hear on it, “Nevermore,” about a guy of a certain age who is trying to convince himself there are brighter days ahead.

So here’s my third solo cd, “American Garden.” 
 I hope you like it, and TURN IT UP LOUD!

-Tom Guerra, May 30, 2018



Just got this lp tonight and have to say...I can't stop playing it! It has bite and soul together which is quite rare these days....Have a read and BUY THEIR RECORD! xoK

The Jones is a Detroit based rock and roll band. Oversimplified? Perhaps, but the essence of The Jones and why they are quickly becoming noticed is in that statement, and it is simply that they are indeed, a rock and ROLL band. Not just a ‘rock band’ as that definition has become far too vast in scope, but instead a true believer in the, groove-heavy rock and roll of the genres golden age.

Not one of a myriad of sub-genres that have splintered off the original bliss that WAS rock and roll, but a true black and blue rock and roll band that is held up by the bones of classic rock pillars such as The Yardbirds,The Rolling Stones, Black Crowes and now by torch-bearers like Rival Sons and Greta Van Fleet.


The Jones was birthed from the dark hiatus forced upon Detroit band Bazooka Jones, whose tongue-in-cheek delivery of their own brand of dirty, punker-pop had critics comparing them to The Cramps and The Knack.

When Bazooka Jones had to call a time out due to bass player Killer Clyde Varneys illness, guitarist/songwriter Chris Jones looked for an outlet and way to release built up steam and began to write. “I had a strong desire to lose myself in the type of rock and roll that initially addicted me to the genre. I soaked in
1971-1973 for a bit, and started sketching. Organically. Quickly. Not giving it too much thought about what was ‘in’ at the moment. I’ve never cared for the latest fashion and wasn’t going to start now.”

He was joined by Bill Henrickson, premier, Detroit area drummer and the result would become The Jones.

Their debut album ‘Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle’ is a twelve pack of groove loaded rock and roll that reminds us that true rock doesn’t care about the flavor of the day, but instead holds fast to its blues and funk roots. Crunchy guitar, attitude and hooks that could lift a tank. “It was really tiring of all the over-thinking that was happening in rock today.

C’mon people, it’s only rock and roll, it’s not that difficult to grasp really....groove/hooks/attitude.

The recipe could all fit in a fairly small tattoo. Plug it in, make it happen” says Jones. The album was completed and began getting notice even before it’s release. “Somehow a couple of the per-release copies got out and the next thing I know people are telling me they heard it on the radio, getting played on Detroit's WDET and WHFR and snagging the number one spot on Radio Indie Alliance.”

Synch licensing for an upcoming tv show and midwest tour dates are in the works.

The Jones Website: http://www.rockandrolljones.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rockandrolljones/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thejonesrock
YouTube Channel:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rockandrolljones/
Contact info: Chris Jones / bulletheadjones@gmail.com



Michael Davis passed away February 17, 2012 and 6 years later Cleopatra Records has released this book... I read it and I have say it was unvarnished and highly readable. The title is appropriate, but it took all 5 members for the high performance group to stop.

There are all of the deadly sins and quite a lot of humor in the telling of the MC5 and Mike's life. It is as honest as any autobiography I have ever read. Mike is hard on everyone he meets but just as hard on himself...I give it 5 stars as it is light years better than any of these "Detroit" rock books of late. RK

New Book By MC5's Bassist Michael Davis “I Brought Down The MC5” Now Available!

Los Angeles - Famed bass player from MC5, Michael Davis, takes us on a rollercoaster ride of triumph and tragedy in his superb new 350-page memoir titled “I Brought Down The MC5”! The book includes rarely seen photos and original artwork by Davis!

“I basically wanted to be the MC5. The attack! They were really on! They were brilliant!” - Lemmy

MC5 was an American rock band from Lincoln Park, Michigan, formed in 1964. The band line-up consisted of vocalist Rob Tyner, guitarists Wayne Kramer and Fred "Sonic" Smith, bassist Michael Davis, and drummer Dennis Thompson.

The MC5's ANTI-WAR political views, rebellious lyrics and complex music positioned them as emerging innovators of the activist musical movement in the United States. Their loud, energetic style of back-to-basics rock and roll included elements of  rock, rhythm and blues, and jazz fusion. Quite a feat for 1966!

MC5 had a promising beginning which earned them a January 1969 cover appearance in Rolling Stone and a story written by Eric Ehrmann before their debut album was released. They developed a legendary reputation for energetic live performances, one of which was recorded as their 1969 debut album Kick Out the Jams.

In 1972, just three years after their debut record, the group disbanded.  The MC5 is often cited as one of the most important American hard rock groups of all time.

Their three albums are regarded as classics, and their anthem “Kick Out the Jams” has been covered by Kid Rock, Presidents of the USA, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Brains,  and countless numbers of up and coming young bands.

“For me, Michael was the original cool guy... He belongs in the Hall Of Fame, along with his whole group, for their contributions to American music and its politics.” - Iggy Pop

Sandals And Needles
The Apple Bites Back
Like A Rolling Stone
Everybody Must Get Stoned
I Can Only Give You Everything
Getting Down
The New York Minute
The Promise Is Broken
Atlantic Crossing
Out Of The Frying Pan
Into The Fire
The Bridge To Nowhere
Delirious Alcoholic Megalosaurus
Play With Fire
The Oven
The Mind Shifts
The Road With No Name
My Time After Awhile

To purchase Michael Davis's “I Brought Down The MC5” book 


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