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Johnny 'Bee' Badanjek is a Detroit Music icon. He had a Number #1 Hit at the age of 15, playing drums with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. Bee is also a founder and songwriter for the amazing Rockets! 

Bee's latest project, Johnny Bee and the Murder Hornets. "The new Johnny Bee And The Murder Hornets, "Arc Of The Sweeping Sky"  Produced by Tino Gross the new LP is out now on FUNKY "D" RECORDS. Check it out. People are lovin' it!" 

From Johnny Bee Badanjek:

The recording started after a couple of the guys and along with myself recorded the two Alice Cooper Albums in 2019. Breadcrumbs and Detroit Stories, Produced by Bob Ezrin. This was at the end of October going into November in 2019. And there were rumors about a virus starting to enter the country. Tino said, to me, Why don't you do your own solo album. Huh!

I like being in a band, even though this started out as Bee's solo record. I didn't want a record to be called Johnny Bee Badanjek. So, I came up with a more group name and called it, Johnny Bee And The Murder Hornets. It started getting raves on Facebook. 

I called Stanley Mouse and talked to him about doing the album cover. Stanley has done thousands of albums for many bands. He sent some sketches and they were fantastic, I asked him to please continue. Detroit Rock Artist Mark Arminski helped out with the cover graphics. 

I had written many new songs, and so we started rehearsing in Detroit at Mary Cobra's (of The Detroit Cobras) house. Then going over to Tino Gross's Funky D basement studio.

The main Murder Hornets band included Garret Bielaniec, Lead guitar. Mike Marshall, Bass. Jimmie Bones, Keyboards, Johnny Bee Badanjek, Drums, and vocals, and Paul Randolph, played Bass on the song Hoo-La-La. 

This was the core band. And the background singers were Chrissy Morgan, Liz Fornal, Kristin Von B., and Carley Silverstein. 

We had recorded eleven songs and then Covid hit and we had to shut down. It then took months until we could get back together again, waiting on the Vaccine. 

Once everyone had been vaccinated, Tino let people back into his house. Then we recorded several more songs. I wanted to still keep recording more songs, but Tino said, we had enough and we had to stop and put out the record. 

The new album Johnny Bee And The Murder Hornets. "Arc Of The Sweeping Sky" came out on November 15 2021. The album is on over 250 download sites around the world and getting some rave reviews. CDs and T-shirts are available for purchase at The Band will start playing shows in the new year! BEE



There’s no simple way to label Longneck Stranglers’ sound. Their grungy, sometimes psychedelic, guitar riffs paired with hard-hitting drums and that good ‘ole southern harmonica yield a rockabilly-roots rock that would be just as at home at a honky tonk as it would in a grimy hole-in-the-wall in downtown Detroit.

Their hodge-podge style is no happy accident but is very likely the product of the boys’ hometown of Hazel Park, Michigan - aptly dubbed “Hazeltucky” because of the several residents, transplants from Kentucky, that brought with them their love for southern music. Pair that with the influence of neighboring Detroit Rock City and you’ve got Longneck Strangler.

As lead singer, Ricky Lentz, explains, “We’re at a crossroads where fans of both rock and country can meet.” Although they frequent the festival scene, at their core Longneck Strangler is the great American bar band.

Their name is, in fact, a euphemism for drinking a beer. A name that became so associated with grabbin’ a cold one that the boys have their own limited edition brew for fans to “strangle.” Give one listen to their upcoming full-length album, Home (release date 12/12/2014), to see how far the boys have come since their first EP, My First Rodeo, in 2007.

Guitarist Rick Browarski, the predominant songwriter of the band, writes his best stuff when pulling from real life, and there’s no doubt this album is shaded by mature themes like family and real love, while keeping just enough of those rambunctious beer-bar tunes the band was founded on.

Lentz’s deep, pure baritone vocals, ooze from the speakers, creamy as velvet, with moments of contradictory gruffness that are only more alluring, like a recently-shaved beard on an otherwise smooth face. The rest of the band, including drummer Jeremy Kanouse and bassist Kevin Davis, form the backbone of the music, delivering gospel-tinged blues, Opry-licious Americana, beer-soaked ballads and everything in between.

“We’re a country band that plays rock and we’re a rock band that plays country,” Browarski said. We’ve always been neither and both.” Longneck Strangler sit comfortably at their crossroads, a genre-spanning group, that can relate to fans on both sides of the tracks. When struggling to define their sound, just call them American music.




 Tino Gross with the Japanese News team

Tino Gross owner producer of Funky D Records is the most tireless team leader of Detroit Rock n Roll.  His faith and energy to promote and nurture all that is great about the music of Detroit, led a Japanese news team to find him and feature his recording artists in a news story. We translated the page for you to get an idea of what their focus was...Nothing Stops Detroit.... Go Tino Go!

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