Audio Fidelity Records To Release Scorpions "Blackout" On Limited Edition Numbered Hybrid SACD

Camarillo, CA - Rock fans worldwide rejoice! Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity is releasing rock legends Scorpions most successful album "Blackout" on limited edition numbered hybrid SACD! "Blackout", their eighth studio album, is Scorpions at their peak...it is the band's 1982 break-through album that made them global superstars. Every song is a gem and this album contains a splendid balance of pop/rock, power ballads and catchy hard rock. Scorpions dish-out fist-poundin' anthems like the top ten hit "No One Like You" then turn around and offer the soul stirring ballad "When the Smoke is Going Down".

Klaus Meine is a singer who knows how to wring the last ounce of impact from each song.The band sounds great as highlighted by the fast-paced performances of guitarists Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs. Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz add a tight and powerful drum and bass bottom."Blackout" is the band's most solid and rockin' album. Dieter Dierks production is immaculate. A self-portrait of artist Gottfried Helnwein is featured on the cover of the album.

" 'Blackout' just flat out kicks butt and is one of the most highly anticipated releases in our history." - Marshall Blonstein, Audio Fidelity President

1. Blackout
2. Can't Live Without You
3. No One Like You
4. You Give Me All I Need
5. Now!
6. Dynamite
7. Arizona
8. China White
9. When The Smoke Is Going Down

Dieter Dierks - producer, engineer
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

For more information: http://www.audiofidelity.net/content/scorpions-blackout



Detroit! Tickets are on sale NOW for Chrissie Hynde at The Jack White Theatre at Masonic Temple on November 15th! Click here to get tickets: http://bit.ly/1v65Y00


Engaging and Addictive....

Wisconsin pop-rockers The Millenium will be playing in Detroit @ Hatchy’s on November 20th! The date is part of their Imaginary Heart Fall Tour, which they are playing alongside fellow pop-rock breakouts The Big Time. Here is their latest video for ‘Ghost Town’

‘Ghost Town’ is taken from debut EP “It’s So Much Friendlier With Two” –

The Millenium is:
-Kyle Culver (Guitar)
-Kyle Featherstone (Guitar, Piano, Vocals)
-Matt Hasenmueller (Vocals)
-Sean Koran (Bass)

Despite their recent formation, the band has already found an accomplished and enchanting sound, showcasing undeniably catchy and melodically driven pop hooks intertwined with a playful and inventive blend of acoustic guitar and keyboard.

Taking influence from the likes of Say Anything, fun. and Panic At The Disco, The Millenium have honed their own unique brand of ‘titanic pop’ which they have already showcased alongside Hollywood Ending & Late Night Reading this fall.

The EP is available for ‘pay what you want’ download via Bandcamp: www.themilleniumwi.bandcamp.com

Track listing:

1. No Knocks Tonight

2. Garnish Our Love

3. Take Me

4. Ghost Town

5. Not Enough Rain



Metro D Business Spotlight for November 2014: MAUI RICK!

They call me Maui Rick, yeah, I'm the guy that's been making all the Old English D Jewelry you may have seen , or maybe you OWN one or more pieces, or know someone who has some. Well I'd like to take the time right here and now, to say Thank You . Thank you to all my friends that have supported my efforts. Thank you to all who have driven hours to come buy one, or more,

 Jim Edwards of the Rockets with Maui Rick

Thank you to all who proudly wear, and refer their friends, and pass out my cards , and promote me ! I'm very grateful to you all! It's been great making all the different styles, rings, pendants , etc. My work has made its way into magazines, ( on the COVER!

Thanks to Bryan Alden Davis) in an add in Hour magazine(thank you Criss Chrome) on TV ! ( Thank you Lauren Podell Channel 4) also in almost every episode of All Girls Garage,!

Thanks to ex WRIF Rock girl Christy Lee! Darren McCarty has 2, and was seen wearing it on TV also. Aside from that ,many area Musicians are wearing my custom D rings! Jim Edwards wore one ON STAGE at DTE Energy with the Rockets! Too cool!

You'll see them on the hands of Tosha Owens, Brandon Calhoon, Bobby Black, the Oh so talented Mr Bobby Dancer! Maria Wade, Screamin Scott Randall of WRIF Fame, And a host of others, to numerous to mention . For this, I'm deeply grateful...it's not me who made the D rings so popular, it's all of you! YOU made the D rings happen!

Again, Thank you from the bottom of my Heart! Now please, if you will, share this on your page, maybe take a picture of YOUR D ring, post it in the comments if you like. Help me ROCK this thing! Now, I'm still making D jewelry,and Christmas is coming..maybe you know someone who NEEDS one ! I'm open for a Custom work, so, gimme a call...Love to hear from you.

Maui Rick 586 323 8911



We’d like to invite you for our live Rock’n’Roll performance in Detroit.
Saturday Nov 1st at Paychecks Lounge - 2932 Caniff Ave (Hamtramck) 10PM
We are originally from Vegas and making our way across the country!
Detroit it a big influence on us when it comes to sound-Stooges, MC5, Motown etc.

What was once Rock’n’Roll has swallowed us whole and spit us out creating TIGER SEX.

A dangerous animal that’s ready to get EXTRA WILD! Vital, Loud, and Sexy with a twisted mind…we will eat you alive!!



Now here is an outdoor advertising innovation that makes sense! Zeusvision reached out to me to partner in promoting their new Campaign which launches October 27!

I really like their concept and it breathes new life and innovation into outdoor advertising...technology meets the billboard! I really like this!

It is AFFORDABLE for small business!

Zeusvision grew out of the idea that the average person or business owner should be able to get their message out, on the most desirable platforms, to the most influential groups of people, in the most sought after locations.

Their exciting new platform allows the average person or business owner to get their message out to the public in outdoor spaces generally reserved for large wealthy companies! Imagine your business displayed on this amazing double decker bus! 

Zeusvision is engineered to work the way you want...



Victor Peraino

Victor Peraino and the new Kingdom Come extend to you a cosmic greeting...

A native of Detroit (the “Motor City”), Victor’s initiation into the music scene was as a drummer for the UP, a sister band of the legendary MC5, both managed by John Sinclair. The gigs at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom were happening and the UP played an important part of that scene as support for such acts as The Stooges, Cream, Amboy Dukes, Janis Joplin, and Soft Machine.

 The UP Gary Rasmussen,Victor Peraino, Frank Bach, Bob Rasmussen

Victor made his departure from the UP and traveled to England in the 70s. As fate would have it, he met Arthur Brown..

Live Performance: Motor City Music Factory 2013

Victor began touring with Arthur across Europe. Their stage performances and theatrics, in addition to their musical collaborations with such artists as Genesis, Eno, Bob Calvert, Hawkwind, and Edgar Broughton, are now considered legendary. This era of the psychedelic/progressive scene is regarded by many as its Stellar Age.

In the 70's they recorded on Polydor Records in England. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come "Journey" was critically acclaimed as a landmark, in the music industry the first recording to feature a drum machine.


Victor played keyboards. mellotron. moog synthesizer, vcs3, theremin & vocals on this ground-breaking album. He also worked with such notable artists as Queen, Manfred Mann, Dave Edmunds, Brian Eno, Daevid Allen of Gong, Hawkwind and The Edgar Broughton Band.

 Victor Peraino and Arthur Brown

After Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come disintegrated following the release of the wonderful "Journey",Album US keyboard player Victor Peraino retained the name, releasing No Man's Land in '75 under the name Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come, reissued by Black Widow in 2010.

After years, Victor and Arthur decided to collaborate again, resurrecting the project Kingdom Come. In this new musical adventure and CD "Journey In Time" reproduce in a new guise, some of the best songs included in "No Man's Land" (Demon of Love, Sun Sets Sail, Empires of Steel).

They take up the theme of the wonderful "Time Captives" from "Journey" turning it into a cross-section sidereal enriched by the magnificence of space keyboards, revitalize ina progressive key two old classics like "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" and "I Put a Spell On You "...

but they also offer some brand new compositions (We Only Come to Help You, Future, the title track, Walk with Angels) deploying an odyssey of lovely sounds, underpinned by the omnipresent as ever presence of Mellotron, Moog, VCS3, in an uninterrupted flow of emotions.

Band Members
Jeff Faust Guitar
Skid Marx Bass
Jim Pryor Drums
Victor Peraino Keyboards/Vocals

Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come
Diversion Production LLC
Booking Information

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