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Metro D Business Spotlight for November 2014: MAUI RICK!

They call me Maui Rick, yeah, I'm the guy that's been making all the Old English D Jewelry you may have seen , or maybe you OWN one or more pieces, or know someone who has some. Well I'd like to take the time right here and now, to say Thank You . Thank you to all my friends that have supported my efforts. Thank you to all who have driven hours to come buy one, or more,

 Jim Edwards of the Rockets with Maui Rick

Thank you to all who proudly wear, and refer their friends, and pass out my cards , and promote me ! I'm very grateful to you all! It's been great making all the different styles, rings, pendants , etc. My work has made its way into magazines, ( on the COVER!

Thanks to Bryan Alden Davis) in an add in Hour magazine(thank you Criss Chrome) on TV ! ( Thank you Lauren Podell Channel 4) also in almost every episode of All Girls Garage,!

Thanks to ex WRIF Rock girl Christy Lee! Darren McCarty has 2, and was seen wearing it on TV also. Aside from that ,many area Musicians are wearing my custom D rings! Jim Edwards wore one ON STAGE at DTE Energy with the Rockets! Too cool!

You'll see them on the hands of Tosha Owens, Brandon Calhoon, Bobby Black, the Oh so talented Mr Bobby Dancer! Maria Wade, Screamin Scott Randall of WRIF Fame, And a host of others, to numerous to mention . For this, I'm deeply's not me who made the D rings so popular, it's all of you! YOU made the D rings happen!

Again, Thank you from the bottom of my Heart! Now please, if you will, share this on your page, maybe take a picture of YOUR D ring, post it in the comments if you like. Help me ROCK this thing! Now, I'm still making D jewelry,and Christmas is coming..maybe you know someone who NEEDS one ! I'm open for a Custom work, so, gimme a call...Love to hear from you.

Maui Rick 586 323 8911
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