Pulp Culture presents The Motor City Masquerade

We have big news. For the past five months we have been ironing out details to a masked gala and concert that we are holding upstairs at....

St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit on Saturday, September 20th at 7PM. Tickets are $15 presale with $1 per ticket going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The bands playing include Detroit's ever popular two-piece Beast in the Field and Not Blood Paint, a progressive indie project from New York that sounds like David Bowie and Queen had a baby.

We are hand painting and plaster-casting all of the masks ourselves, and they will be included at the door of the event. On top of that, each mask will coordinate in color scheme with a puzzle that leads participants to the location of an after-party and show after midnight.

We have busted out in Detroit in a big way of late, opening for Patrick Sweany at the Magic Stick, playing the Hegelian Monolith Festival downtown, favoring the Old Miami, and hitting Ferndale at the New Way.

This event Motor City Masquerade will be one of the last events to see us play this year, and it is going to be HUGE.

Please join us for this momentous occasion, and if you have any inclination to help with the mask-making process or have special requests such as a custom mask, old merchandise, new demos, or a simple reminiscence with friends, then please respond to pulpculture999@gmail.com

Call (248) 694-1020 for ticket delivery to the Motor City Masquerade or catch the link online. We'll see you there!

Rock on,
Alex Brown

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