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China Sky features Detroit in new music video, new album due in February

International recording artists China Sky have released "One Life", a new music video featuring shots of iconic Detroit landmarks. The band will be releasing its first album of all new material since 1988 this February on UK-based label Escape Music.

Lead vocalist Ron Perry, a Detroit native, (who some may remember from Detroit 80's punk/metal band "The Nasties") dishes on the video and the new record: "As a kid growing up in Detroit, all my musical influences were artists that were from here. The first record I ever bought was "Smokin' In The Boys Room" by Brownsville Station. People like Seger, Nugent, and the MC5 all figured very prominently in my musical education, so for the video to include shots of the city that made me the musician that I am, and the city that I will always call home, was a no-brainer.

The concept is simple: I'm watching old tapes of the band, and decide that I'm going to go rejoin the group. Being a musician, of course I don't have a car, so I just start walking to Hollywood. The house I walk out of is the actual house I grew up in. From there I walk through downtown Detroit past the Ren-Cen and the giant fist, and continue across the country until I reach the Hollywood soundstage where I join with the band after 25 years. I thought it was a fitting analogy for the incredible journey we have been through".

China Sky's 1988 debut album has become something of a cult classic in recent years, prompting the reunion. Perry explains: "I was contacted by Escape Music about re-forming the band, and at first I thought it was a joke. I couldn't believe that people were still interested after all this time, but after taking two years to think about it, I called my old bandmate Richard Smith, who was not only receptive to a reunion, but was quite excited by the prospect.

At that point we decided that we had to surround ourselves with the best musicians available. One of the things that people seemed to like about the first China Sky album was the guitar work, and this time around, our new guitarist Steve Wheeler definitely kicks it up a notch or ten. He plays in a classic style, but in almost every solo, he throws in an unexpected twist that makes you turn your head and say "Wait…what was that"?

Fans of tasteful rock guitar shredding will love him. He never wastes a note, and I think he has raised the bar for melodic rock guitarists". Our drummer, Bruce Crump, was the original drummer in southern rock band Molly Hatchet. The guy played drums on "Flirtin' With Disaster"! 'Nuff said. Scottish keyboardist Tim McGowan is living proof that "If it's not Scottish, it's crap".

"In my opinion, the new album is much stronger than the first and definitely rocks a little harder. The lyrics have more depth, and the tracks are more thought out and dynamic. The new lineup is pure magic, and I can't wait to bring the band to Detroit"!

Check out China Sky's new video and Facebook page!






The Sunday Funnies were inducted into the "Michigan Rock & Roll Legends Hall of Fame" June 2017

One of my favorite local bands that played around Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor was the Sunday Funnies. My gang of girls loved to dance to their fun tunes. We never missed them when they played nearby.

Kim I hope ya get this email -

Was checking out your site Motorcity Music Archives and hope it's your site - lol (It's not mine it's Mike Krawczyk's LOL)

Just wanted to let you know all Sunday Funnies members are still alive but that includes me the drummer that took over for Richard Mitchel - Mitchel recorded the 45 for Hideout records and then the two albums for RareEarth and then left the band right after that early 1972.

I was a drummer friend of Mitchel's and Fidge and Aitken too - we all grew up together from the same neighborhood - anyways - we all stayed together till January 1st, 1975. We also had guitarist Gary Quackenbush (SRC) from middle of 1973 to the end.

Sad to say that years later Richard Mitchel ended up homeless and died in a halfway house in Detroit during the 90's.

I'm sending this and hope ya get it - you might want to get rid of the question marks on the page you have up for the Sunday Funnies... I'll ask Mike to zap the question marks for you guys ok?
with respect too - Rosco 63

*Richard Fidge (V)
*Ron Aiken (G, B, V)
*Richard Kosinski (K, V)
*Richard Mitchel (D)(RIP)
*Ross (Roscoe) (D)

"Heavy Music" / "Path Of Freedom" (Hideout) 1970
"Walk Down The Path Of Freedom" / "It's Just A Dream" (Rare Earth) September 1971

"Sunday Funnies" (Rare Earth) May 1971
"Benediction" (Rare Earth) May 1972




There’s no simple way to label Longneck Stranglers’ sound. Their grungy, sometimes psychedelic, guitar riffs paired with hard-hitting drums and that good ‘ole southern harmonica yield a rockabilly-roots rock that would be just as at home at a honky tonk as it would in a grimy hole-in-the-wall in downtown Detroit.

Their hodge-podge style is no happy accident but is very likely the product of the boys’ hometown of Hazel Park, Michigan - aptly dubbed “Hazeltucky” because of the several residents, transplants from Kentucky, that brought with them their love for southern music. Pair that with the influence of neighboring Detroit Rock City and you’ve got Longneck Strangler.

As lead singer, Ricky Lentz, explains, “We’re at a crossroads where fans of both rock and country can meet.” Although they frequent the festival scene, at their core Longneck Strangler is the great American bar band.

Their name is, in fact, a euphemism for drinking a beer. A name that became so associated with grabbin’ a cold one that the boys have their own limited edition brew for fans to “strangle.” Give one listen to their upcoming full-length album, Home (release date 12/12/2014), to see how far the boys have come since their first EP, My First Rodeo, in 2007.

Guitarist Rick Browarski, the predominant songwriter of the band, writes his best stuff when pulling from real life, and there’s no doubt this album is shaded by mature themes like family and real love, while keeping just enough of those rambunctious beer-bar tunes the band was founded on.

Lentz’s deep, pure baritone vocals, ooze from the speakers, creamy as velvet, with moments of contradictory gruffness that are only more alluring, like a recently-shaved beard on an otherwise smooth face. The rest of the band, including drummer Jeremy Kanouse and bassist Kevin Davis, form the backbone of the music, delivering gospel-tinged blues, Opry-licious Americana, beer-soaked ballads and everything in between.

“We’re a country band that plays rock and we’re a rock band that plays country,” Browarski said. We’ve always been neither and both.” Longneck Strangler sit comfortably at their crossroads, a genre-spanning group, that can relate to fans on both sides of the tracks. When struggling to define their sound, just call them American music.





We got a cool message today from Ex-Junk Monkey David Bierman! He has a new band with fellow Detroiters from American Mars, The Beggars and The High Strung for first new music in 20 years..We were big Junk Monkey fans and his voice just improves with time.....I love his VOCALS!! and we are itching to go see them asap.....Check out my favorite tune for Tuesday....

a little old clock...ticking all the time....

From David:

Long story (mostly) short:
I was lead singer of Detroit’s Junk Monkeys, a sorta seminal alty-rock band that released several albums in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. Signed to Metal Blade/Warner Bros along with Goo Goo Dolls in the ‘Great Modern Rock Roundup of 1990.’ Put out a handful of albums that were loved among a too-small handful of people. Toured and toured and toured some more.

Stopped for a long list of reasons in 1994.

Started writing songs again last year, and gathered a great band to help me out. The result is the new album, ‘Standard Skies.’

David Bierman Overdrive
David Bierman – Vocals, Guitar
Jim Faulkner - Drums (Blueflowers, Beggars)
David Feeny - Pedal Steel, Organ (Loretta Lynn, American Mars, Blanche)
Stephen Palmer - Guitar (High Strung, ex-Back in Spades)
Kevin Perri - Bass (ex-Junk Monkeys)

Here’s what you may find on the hi-fi in our rehearsal space: Nick Lowe, Guided By Voices, Replacements, The Saints, Eels, Superchunk, one Carling Black Label, Centromatic, James, Van Morrison, Whiskeytown, Aimee Mann, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Wilco, Okkervil River, American Analog Set, Flamin Groovies, etc.

Bunches of ways to preview below,

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