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The Sunday Funnies were inducted into the "Michigan Rock & Roll Legends Hall of Fame" June 2017

One of my favorite local bands that played around Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor was the Sunday Funnies. My gang of girls loved to dance to their fun tunes. We never missed them when they played nearby.

Kim I hope ya get this email -

Was checking out your site Motorcity Music Archives and hope it's your site - lol (It's not mine it's Mike Krawczyk's LOL)

Just wanted to let you know all Sunday Funnies members are still alive but that includes me the drummer that took over for Richard Mitchel - Mitchel recorded the 45 for Hideout records and then the two albums for RareEarth and then left the band right after that early 1972.

I was a drummer friend of Mitchel's and Fidge and Aitken too - we all grew up together from the same neighborhood - anyways - we all stayed together till January 1st, 1975. We also had guitarist Gary Quackenbush (SRC) from middle of 1973 to the end.

Sad to say that years later Richard Mitchel ended up homeless and died in a halfway house in Detroit during the 90's.

I'm sending this and hope ya get it - you might want to get rid of the question marks on the page you have up for the Sunday Funnies... I'll ask Mike to zap the question marks for you guys ok?
with respect too - Rosco 63

*Richard Fidge (V)
*Ron Aiken (G, B, V)
*Richard Kosinski (K, V)
*Richard Mitchel (D)(RIP)
*Ross (Roscoe) (D)

"Heavy Music" / "Path Of Freedom" (Hideout) 1970
"Walk Down The Path Of Freedom" / "It's Just A Dream" (Rare Earth) September 1971

"Sunday Funnies" (Rare Earth) May 1971
"Benediction" (Rare Earth) May 1972


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