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What does it mean to be a Detroit Music Award Winner? Having won my 3rd award in the last 2 years I believe I am now qualified to give an answer.

 Anyone with a pulse on the planet knows that Detroit is now and has always been a mecca breeding ground for outstanding world class musicians.  If you don't agree just research any major band of yesteryear and today including all genres and you will find at least one band member that is from the Detroit area. Don't forget to include individual artists (didn't think I needed to mention that but okay) Some 25+ years ago (I don't have exact specifics) someone decided that these musicians deserved to be recognized and celebrated in their home town and thus the Detroit Music Awards was born.  I only learned of these awards about 5 years ago and was surprised to find out that the event had been around for so long.

Not only is it an event that awards musicians for doing great things in music, it is also one of the biggest networking parties of the year for musicians. I have certainly benefitted from each experience since the first time I was nominated in 2012. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderfully talented musicians from the area who are local and national artists.  The experiences, opportunities, and education that I have received and still going through is something you could never find in a book or classroom (although I heavily support proper education).  The greatest feeling I get from it is the amazing respect that most of us have for each other and the musical families that have been created. 

I don't really say much but I wanted to share these thoughts with you.  And, on that note I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to my city, my wonderful musical relationships and to the endless support given to me by all which has allowed me to be a recipient of such an honor and  to be successful doing what I love best....spreading joy through song. I wish all of my fellow musicians here and abroad all the success in your journeys and many blessings along the way.  I only ask that you give thanks and pay it forward.  Blessings to all.

P.S. If you are in the Hamtramck area tonight, you can catch me with one of my bands 'Constant Velocity' at the Fowling Warehouse located at 3901 Christopher st from 9 to 1!  Ciao!!




It was a great night and I knew it would be a great night from the moment I arrived late to a sold out Cliff Bells with a Suge Knight type of door man who kept slamming the door on nominated artists who didn't want to miss the chance at receiving the award and giving their acceptance speech.

When I saw the door being slammed on the head honcho Howard Hertz i knew I'd be in soon and that guy would be tossed out... after 3 minutes we were in.

As I walked in  Isaw my friend and fellow bassist Ralphe Armstrong winning an award then Critical Bill won one next and I was like I want to win one. 

After a few more categories I heard the lady say "for best Urban Musician the winner is T MONEY GREEN" and I was like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

On to the Fillmore where we were up for Best Urban Recording" with my Home Detroit City.......stay tuned for part 2




Our favorite of Detroit's metal bands is nominated for a DMA this year! What makes this band so great is their style and energy. They are good musicians..a lot of metal bands suffer in that department and opt for making large noise and calling it "metal". Not Chrome Mollie..These guys are GOOD and we are proud to support them tomorrow at the DMA's...

CHROME MOLLIE…has a new album "ALL OR NUTHIN" going to press next week!

"ALL OR NUTHIN" was recorded over a five-month period in fall/winter of 2013 at Metro 37 Studios in Rochester, Michigan, mixed and mastered by Kevin Sharpe, Ryan Arini, and Chrome Mollie.

All or Nuthin’ will be released in late April/early May. The first single Down Low will be available soon at iTunes. All or Nuthin’ will be available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Chrome Mollie shows, and at

CHROME MOLLIE…formed in 2009, the Chrome Mollie boys set out to write & perform a pure unadulterated brand of hard hitting Detroit style rock. Seasoned veterans of the Detroit/Flint music scene, the members of Chrome Mollie are taking area stages by storm!

Supporting national acts such as Y&T, Bulletboys, Kip Winger, Stryper and George Lynch just to name a few! Make sure you check out their live show, as every set they perform is full throttle from start to finish!

All or Nuthin’ Track Listing:
1. Loud And Clear
2. Aint No Doubt
3. Freight Train
4. Down Low
5. Straight For The Heart
6. Shake It
7. All In The Name Of
8. Spread Love
9. Free Me
10. Writings On The Wall
11. So Special
12. Where’s The Dog

Chrome Mollie online:

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This week, Sheldon and the gang (including me) will be attending the Detroit Music Awards, where Sheldon will be presenting an award as usual. Therefore, our broadcast will feature music from this year's DMA nominees.

To listen to the show this and every Friday at 6 PM EDT, go to and type WCXI in the searchbox on that page.

Join us for live chat during the show in our facebook group:

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The Fillmore Detroit  
Door: 6:00 PM | Show: 7:00 PM
2115 Woodward MAP
Detroit, MI 48201
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General Admission tickets are $20 and are available to the public. 
Tickets are on sale for general admission!
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