It was a great night and I knew it would be a great night from the moment I arrived late to a sold out Cliff Bells with a Suge Knight type of door man who kept slamming the door on nominated artists who didn't want to miss the chance at receiving the award and giving their acceptance speech.

When I saw the door being slammed on the head honcho Howard Hertz i knew I'd be in soon and that guy would be tossed out... after 3 minutes we were in.

As I walked in  Isaw my friend and fellow bassist Ralphe Armstrong winning an award then Critical Bill won one next and I was like I want to win one. 

After a few more categories I heard the lady say "for best Urban Musician the winner is T MONEY GREEN" and I was like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

On to the Fillmore where we were up for Best Urban Recording" with my Home Detroit City.......stay tuned for part 2

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