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Bad Indians
Photo credits: Sara Osburn     
It hadn’t been long since I was at Woodruff’s to see a show but I couldn’t remember the last time I didn’t have to sludge through several inches of snow to get there so hearing the muffled music coming through the glass windows as I crossed the street was one of those pleasant reminders that spring was here. I was excited to see the lineup Chris Taylor of Blue Snaggletooth and Jukebox Productions, had put together for this final night of Fuzz Fest and the end of days for Woodruffs, which is soon to become Maiz Mexican Cantina.

When I walked in Lord Centipede was onstage. I had recently spotted their drummer, Justin at The Worst Bar alongside Ypsi Mayor Paul Schreiber and EMU President Susan Martin downing 20 foot lengths of Bratwurst for an ingenious fundraiser via bratwurst eating contest benefiting FLY Children's Art Center. The gusto shown gulping down bratwurst for a good cause was impressive but relocate that same energy behind a drum kit and you are in for a treat and as always, Lord Centipede did not disappoint. A self-proclaimed “Hardcore/Thrash/Doom Metal Trio”, these guys perform heavy, driving, powerful rock and roll that’s just dripping with Angst. Hail Lord Centipede!!!

Lavamoth's sweet logo
Lava Moth “hails from the four corners of the stoner rock universe” and brought all of their fuzzed out awesomeness to Fuzz Fest. Featuring former members of 500 Ft of Pipe and Shotgun Logic, Lava Moth has made a name for themselves in Detroit. This is the set when I really started to notice the awesome throw back liquid psychedelic lighting being done by The Overhead Army. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone actively using overhead projectors for lighting effects. Way to go with this psychedelic touch to the festival!

Video of Blue Snaggletooth by Jason Buchanan

I had a chance to talk with Chris Taylor of Blue Snaggletooth whose Jukebox Productions is responsible for conceiving, planning, promoting and executing Fuzz Fest. He was very pleased with the turnout and is happy to have it been such a successful event. His plans now are to focus on Blue Snaggletooth. “We need to finish our 2nd album which is tracked but still needs to be mixed. Then the group needs to put all our energy into getting the album: promo, touring and hopefully some video shoots.” – Chris Taylor

Lizerrd’s Anthony Gentile

Lizerrd was formed in the Fall of 2011 for the purpose of playing a Halloween show as the Jesus Lizard. They had so much fun they decided to keep playing. They actually played that first show right there at Woodruff’s. Now they aren’t just doing Jesus Lizard covers, they have their own material and if you like Black Flag, Minor Threat, Easy Action, you’ll probably dig Lizerrd. You can also catch Lizerrd’s Anthony Gentile, Jheremie Jacque and Larry Johnson in Disinformants who played Thursday night of Fuzz Fest.

I finished my evening with the Bad Indians set, a band I’ve been looking forward to seeing for a long time. I was not disappointed. Bad Indians totally lived up to their hype. Jeff Milo describes Bad Indians as, “psych-torched, garage tumbled, surf rock. They like reverb, pedals and aren't afraid of getting dark and spooky,” which is a completely apt description of this act who are definitely worth getting out and seeing. Let me mention again the awesome light show from The Overhead Army; the Bad Indians have a perfect genre-bending sound for this type of lighting and really made the set and Fuzz Fest memorable.

Bad Indians
I was glad to have made it to Fuzz Fest but at the same time I feel some remorse for the end of another Ypsilanti live music venue. Fuzz Fest may have been the last good rock & roll show in Ypsi for a long time.

Jason Osburn a Kimchi and craft beer fueled artist, graphic designer, chef, daddy, and writer. (not necessarily in that order) He’s worked in and around the music industry in Detroit and Nationally for the better part of 20 years. 
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