The new Detroit Urban Design Studiojust recently opened for business. They feature art by some of the most legendary rock artists all in one location online. To my readers around the globe...this is the place to buy real Detroit swag....cool posters. bags, shirts, watches and lots more cool stuff....

We have started a new company called Detroit Urban Design Studio. We are dedicated to supporting Detroit’s regional artists, and displaying their art on fashion and accessories called ArtWear. Each accessory we create is designed to take art to the streets, celebrate the local artists and support a living wage.

As we begin this exciting new business we would love for you to visit our website detroiturbandesignstudio.com, and we hope you like what you see! Word of mouth is so important as we start out so please ‘Like Us’ on Facebook. Please take a moment and share our story with friends and family. We are a work in progress; so check back often!

Stop by and see us at our permanent home at the Mt Elliott Park Fun Shop just off the newly transformed Mt Elliott Park on the Detroit River Walk at 200 Mt. Elliott #16 on Wight Street side and also at Detroit’s Eastern Market at the Sunday and Thursday Evening Market Days.

We are honored to represent some very talented local artists and will soon add several more including 2 local fine artists, a dynamic graffiti artist, a print-maker and more to offer a diverse product line. Our ArtWear will include silk scarves, metal wallets, messenger bags, leather handbags, jewelry and more.

Taking local art to the streets on each ArtWear item we design.

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Susan Detroit Urban Design Studio said...

You are awesome!
I was getting info online just not to apply for the ( cross fingers, pray) Detroit Design Festival and saw your completely amazing post on your site about our beautiful artists and ArtWear. I am so very grateful.
Thank you very much!

Detroit Urban Design Studio

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