1. Linda Haney at the concession stand

2. Linda Haney

3. Two girls -- one in red pants outfit.   Barb Smith and ??

4. Jimi Hendrix -- probably at Olympia. (he never played the Grande)

5. Linda Haney

6. The Cream at grande   first gig there. Clapton's playing the famous Gibson SB "Fool" guitar, with the painted images of a face and psychedelic swirls on it.  (He broke the neck on it right before the next gig at the grande... I begged him to sell it to me, even offered to trade him a similar Gibson SG... but he'd already given it to George Harrison.  Oh well.  That same guitar sold for over $700,000G last year and wasn't even playable any more.

7. Linda Haney in gray knit dress.

8. Unknown guy that looks like Jack Black.

The unknown guy who looks like Jack Black in picture #8 is Ron Levine who was part of the MC5's family and road crew at that time. thanks Emil!

9. Gary Rasmussen

10. MC 5

11. MC 5

12. Townsend from the WHO playing a nice Gibson SG. - first gig at Grande

13 the Thyme, in front of Cream's Ginger Baker's drums

14. Wayne Kramer-MC5

15. MC5  Mike Davis and Wayne Kramer

16. Barb Smith(?) and pretty girl.  Someone's house.

17. Rob Tyner  MC5

18. MC5

19. Robin Trower

20. Russ Gibb

21. The Rationals

22. That's me (Steven Finly) and ???

23.Steve Winwood with a nice 66 Gibson reverse Firebird (my brother hand a guitar just like that).

24.  The guy is name Doug -- he was the guitar play in my band, the Ball. Linda Haney

25. MC5

26. My band the BALL playing at a BMF dance.  Tom Jerome Youngman on drums.

27. Cream  (first gig).

28. Cream  (first gig).

29. Cream - first gig at Grande, first night.  Clapton wore that CHAPS outfit on the plane from Chicago.... He was wearing them when I picked them up at the airport with my mom's station wagon.

31.Who. -- first Grande gig.

32. Who

33. ?

34. Who

35. Who

36. Who

37. ?

38. Procol Harum. nice Gibson EB2 base...

39.  Not sure... but it's the Masonic Temple.

40. Traffic - Steve Winwood and drummer

41.The Rationals

42. Steve Winwood

43. John Moffet (dark hair) with... ???  Grande concession stand.

44. Robin Trower

45. Cream. First gig at Grande. first night.

46. The Thyme... a local group, I think.

47. Linda Haney and date with Barb Smith and Dennis Thompson in pink

48.Dennis Thompson MC5

49. mystery band??

50. Looks like Robin Trower again... same Gibson Les Paul guitar.  The July 1970 should help id it for sure.


52. Dave Miller

53. ??

54. Who

55. MC5

56. Rationals

57. Dave Miller Emcee

58. The Apostles -- a local group.


FYI on the captions.All the WHO photos are from the Grande-Riviera Theater...4 of the MC5 shots were taken at Masonic Temple when they opened for Hendrix, and 6 MC5 shots are at the Grande...the Hendrix shot is at Masonic Temple...the guy standing by all the posters is Ron Levine, roadie for MC5...it's not Creedance in the shot mentioned rather, it's Thyme...the mystery band is Odds and Ends...also not captioned is the Apostles...the bass player is Dave Knight from Procol Harum,and the keyboard guy is Matthew Fisher from the same...the Steve Winwood and Robin Trower shots are from the Eastown and a Trower shot from the Grande...and it's not Traffic with drummer ,rather it's Daltry and Moon at the Riviera...the band with a question mark is also the Thyme....that's about it. Hope this helps.
Ron D



Unknown said...

Pics 33, 37 Procol Harum, 39 Chad Hines, 43 Bill Robbins.

Unknown said...

The pic of Chad is when were hired to light thw Doors show. We got no cooperaration fromn the stage manager whose stage lighting wiped us out. Chad and I just packed up and left. Things fared far better at Ford Auditorium with the Airplane. The highlight of the show wa Arthur Brown.

Anonymous said...

Were you an east side Detroiter? Haney what high school did you attend? Jimi Hendrix did Play The Grande Ballroom and I have the post card for the show!

Anonymous said...

My (Mike Skill) comment above!!

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