"Live Bullet" by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band was named by Rolling Stone readers as the best live album of the 70s

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Live Bullet was recorded live at Cobo Arena, in front of a hometown audience spurring him into a great performance. But what really sold Live Bullet is how these terrific songs are delivered with a ferocious, committed intensity.

This might not be much more than a simple rock & roll album, but it's one of the best of its kind, establishing Seger, in the eyes of skeptics, as a first-rate performer and writer.

Here, "Heavy Music," "Get Out of Denver," "Turn the Page," and "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" all become hard rock classics, as does the band itself. It's a rare occasion when a double live album captures an artist at an absolute peak, while summarizing his talents, and that's exactly what Live Bullet does.READ MORE



Sonics Rendezvous Band Bundle : Detroit & The Second Chance 3 discs !

3 Discs of LIVE SRB for the price of One !!


CD EARS059 5060174955891

1.Intro Dangerous

2.Song L

3.Sweet Nothin’

4.Electrophonic Tonic

5.City Slang

Recorded Saturday 14th January 1978 at The Masonic Temple Theatre Detroit

Unaccredited support to The Runaways & The Ramones

There has been much talk about this show, did they do it or did they not? Even the remaining band members don’t agree. There is no documentative proof (SRB were not billed as support). Although many shows on this tour, did, have an opening act. We ourselves were advised at the time of our SRB Box set that a tape we were given and advised to include was in fact a recording of the near legendary, if not short, MASONIC Temple gig. We later found out that it was in fact NOT a recording of one whole concert let alone The Masonic Hall, with the exception of ‘City Slang’, which is from the show.

This is a good quality Bootleg recording; we tracked down the individuals responsible for recording this show who confirmed where it was and when. Upon listening one can tell immediately this is a larger venue than any other live SRB recording.

So after much speculation and heated discussion this is it all five songs ..The Complete Show !

Second Chance Feb 22nd 1977 97:35
Disc One:

1.Electrophonic Tonic
3.Its alright
5.Soul Mover
6.Cool Breeze
7.Like a Rolling Stone
8.Do it again

Disc Two:
10.You gotta succeed (if you really try)
11.Asteroid B612
12.Step by Step
13.Keep on Hustlin’
14.Song L
15.City slang
16.Empty Hearts (encore)




Cannot wait to see this show! The Fab Faux will be performing The Beatles' Revolver this Saturday at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor! The musicians go all out to perform the legendary music of The Beatles and we are so excited to hear them!

Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 8 pm.

Following their three successes in 2011, 12 and 13, The Fab Faux will return to the Michigan Theater! This time they will perform the Beatles’ album, Revolver, in its entirety. The concert will include the rockers, the ballads, and everything in between.

The group includes outstanding New York studio musicians – and lifelong Beatles fans - Will Lee (bassist in David Letterman’s band), Jimmy Vivino (guitarist and music director of Conan O’Brien’s band), drummer/producer Rich Pagano, guitarist Frank Agnello and ace keyboardist Jack Petruzzelli.

With a commitment to the accurate reproduction of The Beatles’ repertoire, The Fab Faux treat the seminal music with unwavering respect, and are known for their painstaking recreations of the songs (with emphasis on the later works never performed live by the Beatles). Far beyond a cover band, they play the music of The Beatles so impeccably that one must experience it to believe it.

Imagine hearing complex material like “Strawberry Fields Forever” or “I Am the Walrus” performed in complete part-perfect renditions; or such harmony-driven songs as “Because”, “Nowhere Man”, and “Paperback Writer”, reproduced not only note-for-note, but with extra vocalists to achieve a double-tracked effect.

Reserved seats are $29.50-$65 with limited Gold Circle and VIP seating available. VIP Tickets also include a post-concert Meet & Greet with the band.

Tickets are available at ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations. Charge by phone at 800-745-3000.


Tiger Stadium
I went to my first baseball game at Tiger Stadium when I was about 8 years old. It was at the north west corner of Trumbull and Michigan Ave, in a leafy, old neighborhood. For a long time, the stadium was called "The Corner". The Stadium was a gathering place of the people. You could feel part of a community there. It held the spirits of ages past, and it seemed that the Stadium was a connection to where the unique local culture had come from. Not the slightest bit dangerous or threatening, in those days, the area had the timeless feel of the outskirts of a very old big city.

That feeling was a lot different from where I lived, in the little university town of Ann Arbor only an hour's drive west on I-94. I liked it down there. It seemed to be the sort of place where the Little Rascals would play outside and cause trouble. I heard echoes of the post civil war days, when horses and wagons were the street traffic. The influx of southerners, to work at Henry Ford's factories...wave after wave, during the boom days of the '20's.

Poor black folks looking for a better and freer life came by the tens of thousands, and changed the culture. Polish migrants started up neighborhoods like Hamtramck down by the Dodge Main plant. German tradesmen, who built little engineering companies and machine shops to feed into the growing car industry, found the surrounding rural areas of Michigan to be very much like the old country. All of these and more added to the mix of culture. It was an old, and graceful place.


Fast forward 30 years, and in the same neighborhood my friend Scott Asheton is driving through west Detroit with friends. They are headed back to Ann Arbor late one night having been at a party in Windsor on the Canadian side. After crossing the Ambassador Bridge, the streets seem deserted at 2am. Guys are smoking cigarettes, and the car is stopped at a light with the window down. Out of nowhere, another car roars up, screeches to a stop. Guys jump out, doors slam.

A guy with a nylon stocking over his head walks right up to the drivers side window, pulls out a 9mm automatic pistol, points it at Scotty, screaming at him to “Get out of the fucking car!!!” Scotty, reacting instantly, slams his foot down on the gas pedal and smoked the tires getting out of there.

Just as he hits the accelerator the guy pulls the trigger, shoots Scotty in the head. Blood is everywhere, spattering the inside of the old Dodge, but Scotty keeps going, hauling ass up to the 94 on ramp. Only a little later do they check the wound, and find out the bullet seriously grazed his scalp, cracked his skull but didn't take out any gray matter. Scotty’s amazing luck was a matter of a split second and less than an inch. One of the greatest rock drummers of all time, Rock Action of the Stooges, was that close to getting killed that night.

They go directly to the hospital. Scotty tells me that later he found out it was an undercover cop and a case of mistaken identity.

The last time I saw Tiger Stadium was around Christmas few years ago. I was back in Detroit on tour with the Last of The Bad Men, and we played at the Lager House, a small bar on Michigan Ave a couple of blocks east of Trumbull. Scott Morgan's hard rock outfit Powertrane, from Ann Arbor was the headliner.

Tiger Stadium was a sad, ominous and deserted hulking monolith, looming darkly above the snow covered street. Luckily it was too cold out for the local crackheads and dealers to plague us. The Lager House was mostly deserted until a couple of busloads of Santa Clauses piled in. At least a hundred Santas appeared ... had the buses come down from the North Pole??

There were Santas of every shape and description. There were even fetching Santa's Helper chicks in short sexy Santa skirts and fishnet stockings. They all made a noisy racket, drank hard for about half an hour and then suddenly disappeared out into the snow. This left the band with the impression that we had been hallucinating, but it was true. A drinking bus tour of Detroit bars made up of people in Santa suits, bizarre as that may seem, had made a stop there.

The next time I went to The Corner, about a year later, Tiger Stadium was gone ..... gone forever, as were the times that it lived in. I wrote it into the song “Pine Box”, one of the laments I recorded on the recent “Detroit” album.

★Deniz Tek, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a prolific guitarist, singer and songwriter currently based in Sydney, Australia. His career in music, grounded in late-60's Detroit, extends through several decades and across continents. He is best known as a founding member of the influential Australian independent rock band Radio Birdman.

In 2007, Deniz was inducted into the Australian Music Hall of Fame, and in 2012 was voted number 7 in the top 100 Australian guitarists of all time.★



April 2, 2014
New Lenox, IL

Up and coming eclectic band, Programmable Animal, will be releasing their debut album entitled “Drepsea” in the summer of 2014. The band's sound implements many different musical stylings. Of those include elements of industrial metal, ambient textures, progressive rock, and even funk.

download “Please,” Click HERE

“Drepsea” is an 11-track concept album that surveys each of those elements. Demo versions of the songs “Together” and “Please” have been featured on various radio stations around the US, including 105.5 The KAT, 88.1 WLRA and OC Rock Radio, along with interviews of the members.

download “Together,”Click HERE

Opening for acts such as grammy-nominated Green Jelly, Programmable Animal has gained exposure at local venues in various states. Upon the release of their album, the band hopes to unleash a tour spanning across the United States.

Latest Ep "Together" on bandcamp: http://programmableanimal.bandcamp.com/ 


photo credit: Steve Sergent

Post by Cheri Clair

My phone rang Tuesday afternoon and I saw a new number on the screen. I was expecting my first call from Christina Chriss, a young artist who has been making waves in the scene for several years. I was curious to hear how she was feeling, because I had seen the many amazing photographs of her with her band, Kaleido, at the Majestic during the record release party for "Unbreakable", their second release in two and a half years.

photo credit: Steve Sergent

"The thing I remember most is that people were saying that the show was on another level." Christina said with an endearing mixture of awe and exhaustion.

photo credit: Steve Sergent

Kaleido have accomplished a lot since hitting the scene in October of 2011. In addition to travelling to both New York and L.A. (where they played the famed Viper Room), the band has played dates on the 2012 & 2013 Van's Warped Tour, CMJ Music Marathon, dates on the 2013 Rockstar Uproar Festival, lead singer Christina Chriss singing the National Anthem for the Detroit Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings, opening for Kid Rock, Evanescence, The Offspring, Chevelle, Skid Row, Tesla, and more. Kaleido was named the 2013 BEST BAND in DETROIT by Real Detroit Weekly, and also won the 'People's Choice' on 89x for 11 consecutive nights, beating big name artists Muse, Jack White, Blink 182, Dropkick Murphys, We Came As Romans, Silverstein & Billy Talent to name a few. The band is currently planning a midwest -- possibly national -- summer tour. "We're feeling things out." Chriss said.

Kaleido's latest release is available on iTunes, Google Play, and all the other online outlets in addition to being available for your listening pleasure on their own website: http://kaleidoband.com/.

Posted by Cheri Clair
Booking Agent/Promoter · Lincoln Park, Michigan
 Creative Director, Publicist RocknRoll Lawyer Show

Read More From Cheri Clair



Steve Hunter March 2014 photo Karen Hunter


Great news! Steve Hunter's Oscar Teller Acoustic guitar is now going be auctioned by Julien’s in their Icons & Idols Rock n Roll sale later this year.
Julien's are one of the worlds largest celebrity auctioneers and you can find out more about them here…. http://www.juliensauctions.com

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

This 1964 Oscar Teller nylon string acoustic guitar has quite a history. While recording Peter Gabriel’s first solo album, we rented this guitar to use during the sessions. I loved it and would noodle on it when I wasn’t working. Robert Fripp played this incredible fast-picking part, as only Fripp could do, on this guitar in the song “Humdrum”.

There was a party after the album was finished and this guitar was given to me by Bob Ezrin and Peter. I still have the little card in the glove box. I later used this guitar on the Alice Cooper hits ‘I Never Cry’ and ‘You and Me’ plus Japanese Artist Nobuteru Maeda’s ‘Hard Pressed’. I used it on my solo album The Deacon and countless other recordings.

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

The guitar is getting quite fragile now. It’s 50 years old and has done a lot of work....scratched and dinged, but it’s a beautiful sounding guitar. I think it’s time it made it to a collector...to not be played any more.

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

It’s too fragile and it should be kept for its history. This guitar is for very serious collectors only and I hope someone who really loves guitars with a real history will give this guitar a great home of honor. Thanks to you all and Blessings...steve

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

Interested in owning this amazing Guitar? 

Oscar Teller photo Karen Hunter

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