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I've seen some eclectic guitars in my day, but this one takes the cake! One of the two new Rockets guitarists, Phil "Greasy" Carlisi, made this funky slide guitar using a uhmmmm, bed pan as the guitar body! If you see it from a few rows back, you might think it's an old Vox teardrop guitar. No way buddy! This is an honest to goodness BED PAN guitar.

From Greasy:
I didn't make that bed pan guitar, I bought it at a guitar show off a
dealer for 40 bucks, so I can't take credit for making that, just credit
for having the BALLS to play it.

Phil Greasy Carlisi

Carlisi played with the MC5's Dennis "Machinegun" Thompson and toured and played with Niagara Detroit,legendary Stooges members, Ron and Scott Asheton as part of Dark Carnival. He also put in time with latter day rockabilly legend, Robert Gordon (check out his version of Springsteen's "Fire.") as well as British guitarist Chris Spedding.

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