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Since Dick Wagner's passing I've been reminiscing a little about the great days THE FROST had during the hey days in Detroit from 1967 through 1971. The Frost was one of the premiere bands at that time and could fill The Grande, Cobo Hall, and Olympia Stadium on their own in those days and we sold over 50,000 copy's of the Rock & Roll Music album in only a few days.

Frost photo courtesy of James Anderson

Unfortunately it became a crutch to us as most of the big bands were traveling a lot more than we were and gaining a larger fan base. Due to that fact, and poor choices with record companies and management, we eventually fell into a void and new we had to make the tough choices a band at it's end has to make.

I will always be proud of what The Frost accomplished. Through that band Bobby Rigg and I have had a long career of playing in this great State of Michigan. Met more stars and future stars including musicians and singers from Detroit and around the world than most people could ever dream possible.

Thanks to all of you from the north to the south for letting us do what we do. Donny Hartman.

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