Since Dick Wagner's passing I've been reminiscing a little about the great days THE FROST had during the hey days in Detroit from 1967 through 1971. The Frost was one of the premiere bands at that time and could fill The Grande, Cobo Hall, and Olympia Stadium on their own in those days and we sold over 50,000 copy's of the Rock & Roll Music album in only a few days.

Frost photo courtesy of James Anderson

Unfortunately it became a crutch to us as most of the big bands were traveling a lot more than we were and gaining a larger fan base. Due to that fact, and poor choices with record companies and management, we eventually fell into a void and new we had to make the tough choices a band at it's end has to make.

I will always be proud of what The Frost accomplished. Through that band Bobby Rigg and I have had a long career of playing in this great State of Michigan. Met more stars and future stars including musicians and singers from Detroit and around the world than most people could ever dream possible.

Thanks to all of you from the north to the south for letting us do what we do. Donny Hartman.


Billee Speelman said...

"I loved the Frost. As a young lad in my early teens I saw them numerous times. While I also loved MC5, Savage Grace, Seger, Rationals and all the other bands - the Frost were my favorite. I felt that their songs were more melody based and the solos were melodic....on top of that they had great vocal harmonies and everybody sang. What a band !!! I'll never forget those days. I remember seeing them at Dominican High once. I snuck in a small reel to reel recorder and taped them doing the entier Thru The Eyes of Love Album, along with some of their other stuff !!! I had those tapes and listened to them for years !!!! I wish I still had them. Anyway, they had a great influence on me becoming a guitarist and musician."

Jeff Warshal said...

"Donny, The Frost's music is immortal. Dick Wagner will live on through the Frost's Music. It is no surprise, that all these years latter, the Frost's Music is etched in the souls of so many., especially because you all did not make those choices that would have brought you to the global stage. In a way, Dick Wagner's success and his connecting to the deepest parts of his 'fans' (not the best word, but I cant think of another one), in sense has brought the Frost and its members into the present. That is a miracle in a sense. I still cant comprehend he is no longer with us."

Anonymous said...

Many years back a band I was in opened for The Frost as they were beginning their ascent. We'd opened for The Pack, Bob Seger and the Last Herd, Frijid Pink and a few others. We weren't bad but 60 seconds after The Frost hit the stage it was clear why they were headlining.

Since that time I bought and wore out all the Frost albums. I'm pleased the music lives online along with photos and great stories. I think I was lucky to come of age in Michigan during a time when bands from the state were making national waves. Not only was I able to be on the stage with a lot of them I was in the audience as well. Never thought I'd reach the point where it would all be just a memory but here it is - and they were REALLY good times!

Thanks for the good music and big adventures guys.

Danny Wright
Seattle WA

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