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Our pal, Josh Daunt of WJRT Channel 12 sent this in today and it is so good we had to share...


(04/18/14) - "Never had more fun, it was a complete ball," guitarist Wayne Kramer says with a smile as he reflects on the studio experience of recording his new free jazz album Lexington, which is being released on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 19th.

"It all came together really easily and really naturally. This is not the kind of music that I want to tell people what to play. I just kinda want to give them a sketch, an outline and then let them play it how they feel it. This is feeling music, it's natural feeling music."

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

While the legendary guitarist from Detroit band MC5 may have set aside his rock n roll past for this project, he certainly kept his roots close to home when choosing the musicians he worked with. Some of the Detroit musicians Kramer brought in for Lexington include former Motown session trombonist Phil Ranelin, multi-instrumentalist Ralph "Buzzy" Jones, percussionist Brock Avery and bassist Bob Hurst. But his primary support came from an old friend, Dr. Charles Moore, whom Wayne has worked with for decades, since Moore arranged the horn parts on the 1971 MC5 album High Time.

"We've been playing together for a long, long, long time. And it turns out that here we all are living in southern California. Dr. Moore had been out here since the late '70s, and there was a few other great Detroit musicians out here. It was just a natural fit."

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