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Detroit's own JONEZEN releases a brand new mix tape "The Party Ain't Over" vol 1 ft tracks with Gucci Mane and songs off his upcoming album Beautiful Disaster. Get the free download here. 

2013 has been a break-through year for Jonezen who was crowned Hip Hop Artist Of The Year at the 2013 Los Angeles Music Awards. He has done two independently booked tours, performed at the Speak Your Mind Hip Hop Festival, along side Blackalicious, licensed material for use in TV and film, and been nominated for two Los Angeles Music Awards.

Jones learned the hard way and was told by his doctor after an arrest that may not live another year due to his excessive drinking. Constant touring and partying had caught up with Jonezen. He was faced with a choice: Either go to rehab or die from his habit.

Jonezen refused to go to rehab unless he could bring his recording studio. He found a treatment center in Los Angeles that would let him do just that and upon entering he began working on the critically acclaimed mixtape Live From Rehab.

After leaving treatment Jonezen landed a distribution deal with Famous Records/ Fontana/ Universal. Jeffrey Collins, President, Famous Records Corp., says, “His first release Buried By Six is not only an anthem for people to wake up from their ‘addiction’ but it’s also becoming a popular record that’s being played not only in clubs across the US but also across Europe & as far away as Japan".

2014 is shaping up to be another great year for the rapper. He is nominated for Solo Performer of The Year and Hip Hop Artist Of The Year at the 2014 Los Angeles Music Awards, booked for SXSW, recently signed with Mannatt, Phelps, and Philips, and finishing his new album Beautiful Disaster.

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Jonezen is a proud native of Detroit, Michigan, and credits the "D" for his motivation and drive. After he made his way to the West Coast, it was in LA where he received some comeuppance, and hit "Rock Bottom".

Jonezen earned mad respect as the winner of Hip Hop Artist of the Year 2013.  Jonezen's verses flow with an energy from and entirely fresh  "eyes wide open" approach.

Beautiful Disaster with no holding back on lessons learned... takes his audience on a lyrical journey about the "grind and the game".★★★★ JenniferAnn VersaStyle.

Jonezen-2013 LA Music Award winner for Hip Hop Artist of the Year. Nominated at 2014 LA Music Awards for Hip Hop Artist and Solo Performer of the Year. New single "Bombs Away" ft. D' Meetri produced by IAMVINAY. Video shot and directed by Ryan Pinkall. Beautiful Disaster drops in Summer of 2014. Get the latest:




Jonezen aka Chris Jones, was voted top LA Hip Hop artist of guessed it...always a DETROIT connection..Jonezen cut his teeth in Detroit..Jonezen grew up in Rochester and still has family here...

Yo!!! New Video for "Feels So Good" stoked to present this. 

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