New Album !

When the pandemic hit, we had to cancel all touring. Sometimes a long break can be just what you need. After about a year partly spent writing, rewriting, arranging and rehearsing a new album, travel was once again possible. We were fired up and ready to go! We recorded on 8-track tape at "Ship's In" studio in Montana in August of 2021. Keith Streng (of the Fleshtones) flew in from Stockholm to play drums (Yes, drums!). Bob Brown pulled triple duty as recording engineer, producer, and bass player. Anne Tek and I played guitar on all tracks, and I sang. We sent the tapes down to Mort Bradley in Texas to mix. We are all very happy with the result and hope you will be, too.

For more info on how to hear it or get it, please visit my website: www.deniztek.com

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