Saturday, March 17, at the New Way Bar, Ferndale
And it's FREE!

On March 17, 1978, Bookie's Club 870 became Detroit's answer to New York's C.B.G.B., The Whiskey A-Go-Go in L.A., and London's Marquee Club. Bookie's hosted shows by The Police, Iggy Pop, J. Geils, The Damned, Ultravox, The Dead Boys, and many other international punk and New Wave performers.

It also served as a home base for Detroit area bands like The Sillies, The Romantics, former MC-5 and Stooges members like Ron Asheton, Michael Davis, Dennis Thompson and their then-current bands. At least three live albums have been released of Bookie's concerts and a new two-record set of Iggy Pop's five day residency is now being released in the UK.

The Bookie's 40th Anniversary Reunion will be held Saturday, March 17 (St. Patrick's Day) at the New Way Bar on Woodward, roughly 3 miles north of the original Bookie's. Admission is FREE. There will be posters and photos on display that night as well as live performances from The Sillies (who started the club) the ORIGINAL members of R.U.R., plus members of Coldcock, Flirt, The Seatbelts, and other guests.

The New Way Bar is at 23130 Woodward Avenue, 3 blocks north of Nine Mile (1/2 block north of Cambourne) in Ferndale.
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