What does 15 time (and counting) Detroit Music Award winning singer/songwriter/musician/recording artist Marq Andrew Speck (known as Q to his family, friends and fans) of the progressive Christian rock band SWEET CRYSTAL do to keep himself even busier?

This year he prepares to launch a solo set of classic, current and new songs, bringing his signature sound and energy to help break the Guinness World Record for Longest Concert by Multiple Artists.

"This seems a great way for me to test the musical waters, if you will" says Q "and see if I can translate the songs and message that make up a SWEET CRYSTAL concert into a more intimate and personal style. I call it the "Solo But Never Alone" show for a couple of reasons.

One - some of the backing tracks I will be playing to (primarily piano) feature the guys in the band so they are there with me in spirit and two - well, wherever I go, God is already there waiting for me so... solo but really none of us are ever alone."

Marq Andrew Speck (SWEET CRYSTAL
Launches Solo Set
At Historic Eastern Market 

Speck's set is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14 at 1PM (Slot #124 out of 400!) and he plans to feature songs from his entire catalog to date. The entire SWEET CRYSTAL band will perform the following Tuesday (March 21, Slot #299) at 8PM bringing the full music and message of the group to the event.

"What's been fun for me" he continues "is hearing these songs also done as instrumentals letting the piano take the full melody and improvisation over the basic song arrangements. I think I could just sit down and play them as instrumentals and be good with that...but if you know me, I don't usually sit down at all so I'm interested myself in how this will come across in a live setting."

Sounds like a good reason to take a late lunch in Detroit that day.

The Assembly Line Concert 4
Detroit has held the Guinness World Record for Longest Concert by Multiple Artists on three previous occasions: 2009, 2010, 2011.

These records were set in Downtown Ferndale at AJ’s Music CafĂ©. The time to beat is 372 hours and 10 minutes. The Assembly Line Concert will attempt to break Las Vegas’ by 12 hours, equaling more than 384 hours of live music!

The entire event is being held down at Detroit'r historic Eastern Market, Shed 5 and is free to the public.

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