Deondre Charelle
November 11, 2015


We are excited to announce Yosemight’s winter show schedule. Yosemight will be returning to Colorado again. They will be making their way out to the north east. There are a lot of big shows coming up as well. Danksgaiving in Kent, Bass Jam in Columbus, and New Year’s Eve at Oddbody’s in Dayton, Ohio. Where will Yosemight see you? Please subscribe to our event page to keep up to date info where you can find Yosemight next.

11/15 Jimmie’s Ladder 11 Dayton, OH
11/19 Casa Nueva Athens, OH
11/21 Buzzbin Canton, OH
11/25 The Phantasy Lakewood, OH
11/27 Woodlands Tavern Columbus, OH
11/28 Kent Stage Kent, OH
12/2 Kaleidoscope WYSO 91.3 FM Yellow Springs, OH
12/3 MiniBar Kansas City, MO
12/5 Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club Kansas City, MO
12/7 Sancho’s Broken Arrow Denver, CO
12/10 Owsley’s Golden Road Boulder, CO
12/11 Quixote’s True Blue Denver, CO
12/12 Quixote’s True Blue Denver, CO
12/16 Papa Pete’s Kalamazoo, MI
12/17 Old Crow Bar Middletown, OH
12/19 Kings Rook Club Erie, PA
12/26 Skully’s Music and Diner Columbus, OH
12/31 Oddbody's Dayton, OH
1/8 The Club Above Ann Arbor, MI
1/13 Martain’s Downtown Roanoke, VA
1/14 Tin Roof Baltimore, MD
1/15 TBA
1/16 RAR Brewing Cambridge, MD
1/21 Jimmie’s Ladder 11 Dayton, OH
1/22 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH

Yosemight based in Cleveland, Ohio formed in 2012. Mixing elements of funk, rock, bluegrass, reggae, and Latin. The lineup: Luke Bergan (Guitar and Vocals) Nick Shaver (Bass and Vocals) Tony Kazel (Drums). They often include a killer horn section and kick ass keyboards too.

Had the pleasure of listening to a band that was a bit of a surprise to me. they hail from Cleveland, Ohio, and they were refreshing to hear. Great musicians who take the gig seriously and really know how to play. Yosemight, a funk jam band, more in the progressive vein, had just finished playing a regional tour when I first met them.

The audience fell madly in love with them, and after seeing them, I heard why.

Yosemight is a 3 piece band with horns/keyboards, these men meant serious business when it came to their sound, and I mean serious. Every aspect of their presentation was aimed for providing the best sound possible.

A seriously energized  show, that got the crowd dancing.. boy can these guys play.

They are remarkably down to earth when off stage, connecting with fans... no easy feat after they just finished electrifying the audience.

Yosemight is a band I highly recommend checking out. They have an EP out,  and is a group I foresee having a bright future. Glad my friend suggested listening to this band, and Detroit, you will love these guys.

In the mean time, I'm going to keep making love to my eardrums. Thank you, and I welcome you to the music mecca that is Detroit. Make yourselves, and your sound, at home here. Deondre Charelle

Twitter @yosemight

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