QUAD : The Return Of Sweet Crystal - Fourth Time Is A Charm

DETROIT: The return of eleven time Detroit Music Award winners SWEET CRYSTAL with their latest release “QUAD” finds the band sounding larger and more powerful than ever, thanks to the collaboration with award-winning mixer/engineer Chuck Alkazian (Christina Aguilera, R Kelly, Mitch Ryder, Pop Evil) and Pearl Sound Studios, Canton, MI.

From the opening flourish of “Fanfare” right into the slide-guitar driven progressive rock anthem “Foot Of The Cross”, these songs will satisfy the cravings for more SWEET CRYSTAL from even the most demanding fans.

Featuring performances by special guest vocalists Amy Susan Heard and David Perez , there are storylines and soaring musical lines on QUAD for every taste and situation.

“We’ve really upped our sonic onslaught with QUAD” says founding member Marq Andrew Speck. “There are songs here about desperation and redemption, asking questions of faith and finding real answers for our lives as well as some mighty sweet instrumentals.”

The physical CD also contains a 14 minute bonus track: an in-depth interview with the band conducted by local rock DJ (and a legend himself) Doug "The Doc Of Rock" Podell, giving listeners more insight into SWEET CRYSTAL and what QUAD is all about; a must have for new and classic fans alike.

The disc and digital download versions of QUAD will be available beginning in April at Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, Bandcamp and all other Internet music sites. 

SWEET CRYSTAL is a very rare group of musicians. Not only has the band remained in existence for an impressive 40 years, but also the core trio of Marq Andrew Speck (lead vocals, keyboards), Bill Blatter (guitar, vocals) and Steve Wieser (drums) has remained intact for the entirety of that time. Perhaps most importantly, the band has remained standing strong on the front lines of the Michigan Christian rock scene, even before that music genre had a name.

SWEET CRYSTAL and QUAD – still “Reaching The World, One Song At A Time ™”!

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Unknown said...

I am so excited for this album to come out!! It is an honor to have the opportunity to work with Sweet Crystal and even a greater honor to be Brothers in Christ!! Cheers to Quad!!!!
David Perez

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