"If you don’t like the Supersuckers, you don’t like Rock-N-Roll." 
- Lemmy Kilmister / Motörhead

After a nearly six year hiatus the Supersuckers are back with a brand new album, "Get The Hell" (from the line in Born with a tail?) that is perhaps their greatest album since their 1992 ‘The Smoke of Hell’ debut on Sub Pop. They’ve returned to their punk and hard rock roots to reaffirm their self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band in the World” status.

‘Get The Hell’ is a fierce, hard-as-nails sonic blast from a band that has always been a hard act to follow. The Seattle-based band rolled into Austin, TX last July to record, tracking at Arlyn Studios and overdubbing at Casa Studio, both with long-time associate Steve Chadie engineering. Mixed by Dwarves front man/troublemaker Blag Dahlia along with Andy Carpenter, the new album is hard rock ‘n’ roll straight up and down. This was no accident. They have long-standing, true Rock ‘n’ Roll standard bearers Acetate Records behind them and according to Eddie,“We definitely wanted this record to be tougher, and it sure as hell is. I think it might be our toughest record ever.”
“The material on 'Get The Hell' is the cream of the crop of the songs we’ve written in the past four years. It’s kind of like your first record. You have all those years to make your first record, and then nine months to make the second one.” - Eddie Spaghetti 
Dan "Thunder" Bolton: Guitar, Vocals - Captain Von Streicher: Drums, Vocals - Eddie Spaghetti: Vocals, Bass - Metal Marty Chandler: Guitar, Vocals
Shocking to me was the two covers tracks found on this album, (Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again” and Gary Glitter’s “Rock On”). The Supersuckers work their mojo on these tracks and make them pure Supersucker’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. Their addition of two new members, drummer Captain Von Streicher (Throw Rag) and guitarist Metal Marty Chandler has really tightened the group and been a catalyst for their latest assault on the Rock ‘n’ Roll universe.

"They played my birthday party. They rock!" 
-Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam
Nick Marocco & Eddie Spaghetti
"All I had known about The Supersuckers before seeing them live was their song “Evil Powers Of Rock n Roll” in Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder (PS2), I love that tune. Then I saw them live for the first time at The Magic Bag in 2009. There was only about 50 people in the  place but they played like it was packed! Their shtick of the self proclaimed “Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World” isn’t far from the truth, they are like Thin Lizzy with a more punk rock side, dueling guitars and a bass wielding front man (Eddie Spaghetti, here to rock your asses steady) , I’ve always loved their tongue and cheek humor in their lyrics and their live performance, they are a killer band that I always tell people to check out, they wont be disappointed." - Nick Marocco (Owner, Bluesairmen Guitars, (Garden City, MI) Drummer for Dark Avenger)

SUPERSUCKERS will be in Toledo, tonight April 30th at Frankie's Inner-Cityand at the awesome Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, Friday May 1st! 

Get the hell out and see the "Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World!'

From their press release:

If you’re new to the world of the Supersuckers, here are the basics: The band formed in Tucson, AZ in 1988, with Eddie and “Thunder” along with original drummer Dan Seigal and guitarist “Rontrose” Heathman. Seigal left in 2005 and Heathman was with the band until their previous album, barring a brief replacement by Didjits/Gaza Strippers frontman-guitarist Rick Sims.

After relocating to Seattle, the band signed to Sub Pop in 1992, the height of grunge. With cowboy hats in place and an unshakable rock ‘n’ roll demolition attitude, the band was out of step with grunge, yet their hard hitting, tongue-in-cheek attack was the perfect foil for the Sub Pop gang. The classic hard rocker Smoke of Hell set the pace for their work with the label.

In ’97, they surprised pretty much everyone with Must’ve Been High, a left turn into country that featured Willie Nelson on a cut. They stayed that course with Steve Earle & the Supersuckers, an EP pairing country’s most punk singer with rock’s most country punkers.

A leap to Koch International yielded Evil Powers of Rock ‘n’ Roll in ’99, while Sub Pop issued the best-of How the Supersuckers Became the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. In 2003, the Supersuckers form their own label, Mid-Fi, and release a series of live and studio albums throughout the remainder of the decade.

Jason Osburn is a Kimchi and craft beer fueled artist, graphic designer, chef, daddy, and writer. (not necessarily in that order) He’s worked in and around the music industry in Detroit and Nationally for the better part of 20 years. 

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