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Sonny Vincent - Testors - Vocals and Guitar
Rat Scabies - The Damned - Drums
Glen Matlock - Sex Pistols-Bass
Steve Mackay - Stooges-Sax

Badassed line up, huh? But it didn’t come together by design. No, folks, it sure as heck didn’t. Well… even though I have a ton of stuff to do today, I am obligated to tell the story of this album before the Illuminati get ahold of it and rewrite history to suit their plans. (I understand they dance to my song, “I See”, at their meetings and picnics. Apparently, it’s a horrible sight of angular frenetic dancing with grimaced faces and clenched fists.)

This album was three years in the making and it all started with a phone call from Herman Verbelen. I have some friends in Belgium, notably Herman, Isabelle, and Ronny. Growing up in Brussels, they were Punk Rock/Garage fans and later followed their maniacal interests by booking bands, promoting shows, and supporting every scroungy passion powered band that came around. Everyone has crashed at their place and enjoyed a gigantic American-style breakfast (in Belgium, nice!).FULL STORY HERE
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