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Amy Dixon-Lavery and Dave Hamilton


DETROIT SEPTEMBER 14 2019: The Happy Curmudgeons will release their first single, 2nd Chances from their second project on Sept. 27th, 2019. 2nd Chances is also the title for the band's next album which should be out in early 2020.

Guitarist Dave Hamilton

2nd Chances was written by Amy Dixon-Lavery (lyrics) and Dave Hamilton (music) and produced by Mark Byerly. The track will be available on  September 27, 2019.

The artwork for the single was done by Don Campau, but the band will have Pauly M. Everett back for the cover art for 2nd Chances. Mr. Everett also did the artwork for Meant 2 Be.

Saturn by Don Campau

2nd Chances
Dave Hamilton: Music
Amy Dixon-Lavery: Lyrics
Dave Hamilton: Acoustic Guitar
Amy Dixon-Lavery: Lead Vocal
Jeff Warner: Electric Guitar
Mark Byerly: Keyboard, String Arrangement
Jim “Moose” Brown: Hammond B3 Organ
Takashi Iio: Acoustic Bass
Rick Beamon: Drums
Laura Creamer: Background Vocals
Barbara Payton: Background Vocals
Cathleen Wiley: Background Vocals
Dave Patton: Violin
Chaz Owsley: Cello
Single Artwork: Don Campau
Engineered, Mixed, and Produced by Mark Byerly @ Longview Sound, Rochester Hills, MI
Mastered by Bill Skibbe @ Third Man Mastering, Detroit, MI

2nd Chances is a thoughtfully meandering piece that reminds the listener not to make the same mistakes, but move on with new love and an adventure to a new life.

Amy Dixon-Lavery and Jim “Moose” Brown

The musical background is somewhat folk with a bit of country influence rounded out by a classic rock style. The song has plenty of talent to credit on the Happy Curmudgeons first release since Meant 2 Be in 2017.

Dave Hamilton with Takashi Iio

Amy Dixon-Lavery displays her amazing rich and heartfelt vocals, Dave Hamilton's beautiful acoustic guitar starts things off, Takashi Iio (Award-Winning Bassist) plays stand-up bass, Mark Byerly on keyboards,  Rick Beamon adds a unique shuffle with his drums, Jim MOOSE Brown (Bob Seger Band) adds moving B3 to the mix, Jeff Warner plays electric guitar and has the stellar guitar solo, Dave Patton is on violin and Chaz Owsley on cello provide the strings, and Laura Creamer - Barbara Payton - Cathleen Wiley (Bob Seger Band vocalists) sing the perfect background to Amy's lead vocal.

The band wanted to create a song inspiring soul and hope. They feel they have achieved that with 2nd Chances. Mark Byerly did an outstanding job producing/mixing the track at Longview Sound of Rochester Hills,  and mastering was done by Third Man Mastering in Detroit by Bill Skibbe.

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