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Today, Billboard magazine is honoring the late Aretha Franklin in their official post-humous tribute issue featuring Billboard’s obituary on the Queen of Soul as the main cover feature - written by Associate Professor of Journalism at Loyola Marymount University, Evelyn McDonnell titled “The Role of Struggle in Aretha Franklin’s Path to Greatness”:

…To say that Franklin was one of the greatest female singers of all time is to miss the point. Aretha -- an original one-named diva -- was one of the greatest artists, period. Her talent and her impact transcended gender, race, genre and geography. 

This was a woman who could sing disco, gospel, rock, opera and, of course, soul. In addition to possessing astonishing vocal talent, she was a pianist, songwriter, arranger and performer. She was one of the towering figures whose talents expressed the seismic cultural shifts of a decade of momentous change. 

The only peer of similar import and impact is Bob Dylan, and I would argue that as the voice of the struggle for equal rights for blacks and for women, Franklin embodied her generation more. Her death on Aug. 16 marks a mighty loss….

Full Obituary HERE



Bob Seger System

Rationals:  I Need You 
MC5:  Looking at You
Alice Cooper:  Ballad of Dwight Frye/Sun Arise
Amboy Dukes:  Migration
Bob Seger System:  2+2
Mitch Ryder:  CC Rider
Del Shannon: Runaway
Teegarden and Vanwinkle:  God Love and Rock n Roll
Third Power: Persecution
Frost:  Rock’n’Roll Music

Grand Funk Railroad:  Inside Looking Out
Pleasure Seekers:  What a Way to Die
Unrelated Segments:  Story of My Life 
Terry Knight & the Pack:  How Much More?
Woolies:  Who Do You Love?
Underdogs:  Love’s Gone Bad
SRC:  Up all Night
Flaming Ember:  Mind Body and Soul
Stooges No Fun

The Rockets: Desire
Savage Grace: All Along the Watchtower 
Southbound Freeway: Psychedelic Used Car Lot Blues 
Bob Seger Last Heard:  East Side Story
Tidal Waves: Farmer John
? & the Mysterians: Can't Get Enough of You Baby

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