10 Awesome Guitar Accessories for Savvy Guitarists. #6 is a Life Changer

You have the guitar, you have the skills, and you think that’s all you need to start producing hits. However, to sound more interesting, play better and be sure that you can manage a live performance meltdown, you also need the right accessories.
So, excluding the obvious leather guitar strap, here are ten accessories that are mandatory for all sophisticated guitarists.


Sometimes guitars need repairing, and since some parts of them are very small or well-hidden, even if there is light in the room, it will still be difficult to spot the problem. For example, you probably won’t be able to see the broken bit of solder in the volume pedal that gives a bad connection.

String Winders

Strings are disposable, as you know by now – they can break from all sorts of reasons. So giving that, the process of replacing them will go smoother if you try to use a peg or a string winder. With it, you can wrap the strings on to the post somehow faster than if you were doing it by hand.


If you wish to make attack-less notes and somehow emulate the sound of instruments like the cello or the violin, then you need an e-bow. Using a battery that is powered by a magnet, without having to make any contact, it can excite the string on top of which it is located. Since the attraction is magnetic, its response will be a bit delayed. That is why it is preferable if you use it on passages that are more melodic and lyrical.


Tuners have become almost as indispensable as the guitar itself these days. And it’s not so surprising since there are many options available, from tuning forks, pitch pipes, or electronic tuners that are also very cheap. They are especially helpful for beginners because they are very accurate and fast and thus, learning how to use them is simple. The most popular types of tuners nowadays are the clip-on, pedal-shaped and the portable ones.


If you wish to keep a steady tempo, then metronomes are what you’re looking for. They aren’t new on the musical market – they’ve been around for about two centuries now. Nowadays there are electronic models that are considerably smaller than the older ones. You can even download apps that turn into metronomes.

The Wrenches

Although there are plenty of fancy accessories in this list, the wrenches and the other tools that usually come with them are somehow indispensable and potentially life savers. The reason is that guitars will always need general maintenance and setup; somewhere along the way you will need to fix or adjust a bridge height, truss road or cut strings. Usually, you must own a couple of screwdrivers, hex wrenches and string cutters. An alternative is to get a toolkit that is guitar-oriented in which you will virtually find anything that you might need.

Cleaning Supplies and Cloths

You will need a cloth for the guitar’s body, but you will also need them for wiping the strings down. The reason for doing that once you’ve finished playing is that it keeps them fresh-sounding and lasting for a considerably longer time. It is best if you have a cloth for polishing and cleaning and another one for the wiping of the strings.
The cleaning supplies come in handy as well. You might think of getting products that focus on string cleaning, polish, but also a fingerboard conditioner.


It is inconceivable to have a guitar and not have slides, so what you need to do is figure out which type do you want. You can decide based on comfort and your tastes, but an experienced guitarist usually has a complex set of slides for different styles.

A Case

Now this might be seen as the mark of a truly dedicated guitar player. However, getting a case is optimal not only for cosmetic reasons but because it protects your instrument better, especially if it is a hard shell one. Also, you can use it to deposit other accessories as well.


Since no one plays only with their fingers anymore, you will probably want to own a selection of guitar picks. You should strive to get picks of various thicknesses and materials. Different picks give different options regarding tone and flavor also.

What other accessories for savvy guitarists would you recommend? Write them in the comments section below.

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I was approval a devotee the opposite day and she or he told ME that she was pondering beginning her kid with music lessons however did not grasp that was the simplest instrument to be told, however had narrowed it right down to the fiddle, stringed instrument and piano.

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