It was a great Record Store Day yesterday at Found Sound in Ferndale, Michigan. We called Richard at the store and asked him if he would like Miss Tosha Owens and her friend Photographer Jane Cassisi to come shoot some photos to celebrate Record Store Day.

Found Sound is Tosha's favorite Record Store and that is how we chose them to profile today.

Tosha Owens

Record Store Day is an annual event inaugurated in 2007 and held on one Saturday every April to "celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store". The day brings together fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores across the world.

From Tosha:

We couldn’t have had a more beautiful day for Record Store Day this year. The weather was perfect, the fans were out and the vibe was just right so, of course, the Found Sound record store was the perfect place to be.

Tosha and Richard from Found Sound

From the moment you walk in, that old familiar smell of vinyl and album jackets hits you and takes you back to an amazing time in music. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the experience, the music and the amazing staff.

It was really a heart warming moment to see parents educating their children on our ‘record store’ culture. I love Found Sound because you are not just a customer when you shop there. You’re part of the experience. And that’s special. -TO

234 W 9 Mile Rd
Ferndale, Michigan
Call (248) 565-8775




Every Tuesday night Tosha hosts the Pub Froggy open jam with Tosha Owens &The Stable Dudes

4-22-17 Mark Pasman's Super session at Boo's in Royal Oak 9pm

5-15-17 Private Party at Cobo Playing the network & drinks portion of the Plastipak 50th Anniversary Celebration. Ron Carter to perform after dinner.

5-16-17 Private Party at Cobo. Plastipak day 2 50th anniversary. Playing the after party of the Smokey Robinson performance.

6-01-17 Motor City Casino Chromatics Lounge with Tosha Owens &The Essentials 7-11pm

6-03-17 Clio Blues Fest with Erich Goebel & The Flying Crowbars time tba

6-04-17 Hosting the Blue Goose jam with The Stable Dudes 8-12

6-18-17 Ferndale Brews, BBQ & bourbon Fest 4:30-6pm main stage

7-01-17 Stars & Stripes with Joey Farner & The Tribe 3:45-5:00

7-09-17 Red, White & BBQ Fest in Livonia 1:30-3pm

7-14-17 Windsor Blues Fest with the Bobby Murray Etta Tribute 6:15pm

7-08-17 Blues show in Sarnia with the Bobby Murray Band time tba

7-30-17 Hosting the Blue Goose jam 8-12 with the Stable Dudes

8-30-17 Hug Detroit Fest time TBA

The following song and video was written and directed by a gentleman named Keith Lauren. Tosha was asked to sing the song and be a representative for it and it's campaign. The song 'Detroit Strong', is a wonderfully written song about Detroit that highlights what we represent now and always have, including the people and vibe of Detroit.

Buy Detroit Strong Below with Link or Click the Photo

The song is also on sale on ITunes, CD Baby. Not only they striving to make this a solid Detroit anthem, they are donating all online sales to the charity called CATCH (Caring Athletes Team & Children) & Henry Ford Hospitals

Connect with Tosha



Released November 1, 1996

What an amazing industrial amalgamation of killer musicians! MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, the legendary voice and guitar of Scott Morgan, and the ever evolving incredible Motor City-via-Australia Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman make up Dodge Main, with help from bassist Paul Ill and drummer Brock Avery.

I transferred a VCR tape of this show for Dennis Thompson some years ago. The quality isn't perfect but it captures this historical night in Detroit!

The Dodge Main CD is fantastic! What a great record... thankfully Scott Morgan gave me a copy awhile back... You gotta listen to these samples....

1. City Slang Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek (Fred "Sonic" Smith) 4:36
2. I.94 Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, (Deniz Tek) 2:57
3. Citizen of Time Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek (Wayne Kramer) 3:48
4. Future/Now Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek (Rob Tyner) 3:01
5. Fire Comin' Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek (Paul Ill / Deniz Tek) 4:11
6. 100 Fools Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, (Deniz Tek) 2:38
7. The Harder They Come (full song) WKramer, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek (Jimmy Cliff) 2:54
8. Over and Over Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek (Fred "Sonic" Smith) 2:49
9. Better Than That Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek (Kramer / Deniz Tek) 3:29
10. I Got a Right Wayne Kramer, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek (Iggy Pop / James Williamson)

Here is a treat... Dodge Main cover of KICK OUT THE JAMS!

So a few days a ago I was talking to Dennis Machinegun Thompson on the phone and he told me how great Dodge Main was. MGT told me what an incredible mix of players that composed Dodge Main. So we wrote to our very busy friend Deniz Tek and asked him to write his take on this moment in Detroit Rock and Roll History.

Deniz Tek tells the Dodge Main story...

Dodge Main

I got a call from Patrick Boissel, who at the time had recently taken over Greg Shaw's BOMP and Total Energy labels. He suggested assembling a band to be based around me and Wayne Kramer for a studio recording. Wayne's rhythm section, Paul Ill and Brock Avery were included.

Wayne came up with the name "Dodge Main" after the monolithic abandoned Chrysler assembly plant in Hamtramck, Detroit. I flew out to LA, and was put up in a motel in Burbank. During the day, we recorded in a little studio in east Hollywood.

In the morning before heading over to the studio, I wrote songs for the album, reworking lyrics and so forth. We did some older material from the MC5 and (Radio)Birdman, but also wrote some completely new tunes.

It all took about a week. Scott Morgan was in town and joined for some vocals. Wayne produced the sessions, keeping a tight rein on things, and he later mixed the album. Mark Arminski did the brilliant cover artwork. I got paid a small token amount and had all my expenses covered.

SCOTT MORGAN "FUTURE NOW" at the State Theater Greasy show!

Later, Dodge Main assembled in Detroit for a benefit at the State Theatre for local guitarist Phil "Greasy" Carlisi who had to have cardiac surgery. On that occasion, Dennis Machinegun Thompson played drums, and we added some Rationals material to round out the set, including, I think, "Guitar Army" and "Respect".

We also played a show in Cleveland, with Gary Rasmussen on bass and Scotty "Rock Action" Asheton on drums. Wayne and Margaret have a tape of that show which is rumored to be of high quality. They have suggested releasing it at times, but it remains in the vaults at Muscletone Records, Wayne's label. For a while Dodge Main was a revolving door of Detroit/Ann Arbor based musicians. They did some shows without me. The recording was out on both vinyl and CD, and still sounds great. It has stood the test of time. -D

Thank you Dennis and Deniz!!!!



The man who invented rock & roll passed away this evening. The great Chuck Berry. He changed the face of music forever. And so I have a little Chuck Berry Story I'd like to tell you.

We were (Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels). living in New York City, and we were booked to be on a show. The Detroit Wheels were also gonna be the house band and back up all the other acts that were on the show. Chuck Berry was the headliner. The show was in Virginia Beach at the arena. We were so excited.

So our manager borrows a car from a friend and we get one rent-a-car, and we set off from NYC at 6:00 in the morning. We were gonna drive down to Virginia Beach and rehearse with all the other groups we have to back up. The Orlons, Johnny Tillotson, The Angels, and a few others.

We were just getting into Maryland and it was real foggy. Mitch, Joe, and I were in the rent-a-car in back. McCarty, Earl, our manager and his friend were in the front car.

We were coming up to a T in the road with a yellow flashing light. The front car slowed down, and then they kept going straight. And we looked at each and said, "what the hell are these guys doing?"

And they drove straight into an aluminum office building. Right up to the tail lights! We were out of minds. We thought they were dead. The whole car was scratched up. We ran up the street to a donut shop and there was a Police Officer sitting inside. He came running out with us and down the street to the building.

Everybody in the car was alright. They were lucky. The car had be towed out of the building and taken to a dealership where we rented another car to get to the show.

We got there at noon, set up and started rehearsing all the songs on the spot. The Watusi by The Orlons, and many others. The show was sold out. We were playing and no Chuck Berry yet.

The Promoter was starting get nervous. We kept backing up all the other groups, and were waiting for Chuck. Finally the promoter yells, "he's here!" Chuck Berry walks in and he doesn't have a guitar. He says where's the band that's backing me up. The Promoter says over there, the Detroit Wheels.

So Chuck walks up to us and says....Who's the drummer. I said, I am. He says, "you see my right foot?" "When I bring it down and it hits the floor you stop."  OK!. OK! Chuck had a big foot it was a size 16 Brogan Shoe.

Then he asks if he can borrow a guitar. So McCarty says here use mine. At That time Jim was playing a Chet Atkins Country Gentleman guitar. Chuck picked it up, put it on and the crowd was going crazy.

Growing up we played a lot of Chuck Berry songs so we knew most of his stuff. So we started playing and rocking the joint. and every time we stopped, Chuck, would say something to the audience about McCarty's guitar, Chuck says.....(I never played a guitar with so many buttons on it).

The crowd was eatin' it up. So we keep playing and Chuck goes out into audience and is duck walking all around, and at the end of the song, he says, (Man playing this guitar is like flyin' a spaceship).

What a night! And we just kept on a rockin'....to us little kids we were havin' a ball. Playing with the man who invented rock & roll.

Thank you Mr. Chuck Berry for everything you taught us. RIP! God Bless!

Johnny Bee Badanjek
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels.



What does 15 time (and counting) Detroit Music Award winning singer/songwriter/musician/recording artist Marq Andrew Speck (known as Q to his family, friends and fans) of the progressive Christian rock band SWEET CRYSTAL do to keep himself even busier?

This year he prepares to launch a solo set of classic, current and new songs, bringing his signature sound and energy to help break the Guinness World Record for Longest Concert by Multiple Artists.

"This seems a great way for me to test the musical waters, if you will" says Q "and see if I can translate the songs and message that make up a SWEET CRYSTAL concert into a more intimate and personal style. I call it the "Solo But Never Alone" show for a couple of reasons.

One - some of the backing tracks I will be playing to (primarily piano) feature the guys in the band so they are there with me in spirit and two - well, wherever I go, God is already there waiting for me so... solo but really none of us are ever alone."

Marq Andrew Speck (SWEET CRYSTAL
Launches Solo Set
At Historic Eastern Market 

Speck's set is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14 at 1PM (Slot #124 out of 400!) and he plans to feature songs from his entire catalog to date. The entire SWEET CRYSTAL band will perform the following Tuesday (March 21, Slot #299) at 8PM bringing the full music and message of the group to the event.

"What's been fun for me" he continues "is hearing these songs also done as instrumentals letting the piano take the full melody and improvisation over the basic song arrangements. I think I could just sit down and play them as instrumentals and be good with that...but if you know me, I don't usually sit down at all so I'm interested myself in how this will come across in a live setting."

Sounds like a good reason to take a late lunch in Detroit that day.

The Assembly Line Concert 4
Detroit has held the Guinness World Record for Longest Concert by Multiple Artists on three previous occasions: 2009, 2010, 2011.

These records were set in Downtown Ferndale at AJ’s Music CafĂ©. The time to beat is 372 hours and 10 minutes. The Assembly Line Concert will attempt to break Las Vegas’ by 12 hours, equaling more than 384 hours of live music!

The entire event is being held down at Detroit'r historic Eastern Market, Shed 5 and is free to the public.

Marq Andrew Speck and Sweet Crystal Links of Interest:



Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas will be releasing their first dual language single "Run Too Far" / "Escapar" on March 10th. Preorder is live HERE

Instant Records has announced the long-anticipated release of Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas’ new album, TELEPHONE / TELEFONO. The remarkable follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed SECRET EVIL arrives everywhere early this summer.

TELEPHONE / TELEFONO is Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas’ first full-length bilingual recording, to be released as a double-LP or CDs in both English and Spanish language versions, each with distinct production, lyrics, vocals, and arrangements.

Consequence Of Sound announced the albums yesterday with the release of the dual language single "Run Too Far" and "Escapar" in which they call “gold-flecked grooves of soul pop, jittery and shining with the same accessible vibes despite the varied language.” These songs will be available on all DSPs this Friday March 10th.

Tour Dates (more to be announced):

21 - Kalamazoo, MI - Bell's Eccentric
24 - SLC, UT - The State Room
26 - Napa, CA - BottleRock Napa Valley
28 - San Diego, CA - Soda Bar
30 - Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad

2 - Denver, CO - Lost Lake Lounge
3 - Omaha, NE - The Blackstone
11 – Camden, NJ - Radio 104.5 10th Anniversary Celebration @ BB&T Pavilion

About Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas:

Founded in Detroit in 2009, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas made their Instant Records debut with 2013’s acclaimed DEMONS. The EP earned national attention, with PopMatters hailing it as “an accomplished document that proves the band deserves all the hype they’ve been garnering.” “(Hernandez is) painting a very big picture,” declared The Huffington Post, “and her memorable voice is only one of the textured colors on a multidimensional palette.”




Mike Posner’s headlining tour announcement is powered by his recent Grammy® nomination in the Song of the Year category for the original version of “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”. Written solely by Mike, “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” is off of his critically-acclaimed second album At Night, Alone. Dubbed one of the biggest, pleasant surprise nominations this year by critics, Billboard raves “here’s to one of the more amazing comeback stories of 2016"

Detroit-based Mike Posner released his debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, in August 2010. The album spun off three hit singles including “Cooler Than Me” (double-platinum Hot 100 Top 10 hit); “Please Don't Go” (platinum Top 10 hit); and “Bow Chicka Wow Wow.” Mike is also known for writing the Grammy®-nominated “Sugar” by Maroon 5, and “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, as well as co-writing songs for Pharrell, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Nelly, TI, Snoop Dogg, Avicii, Nick Jonas, and more.


Date City Venue
2 San Antonio, TX Paper Tiger
6 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
14 Charlotte, NC The Underground
15 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle
16 New York, NY Irving Plaza
18 Louisville, KY Headliners Music Hall
19 Chicago, IL House of Blues
21 Sioux City, IA Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
22 Prior Lake, MN Mystic Lake Casino
23 Urbana, IL Canopy Club
25 Philadelphia, PA Theater of Living Arts
1 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
2 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall

Follow Mike Posner:
Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram VEVO | Spotify | Medium

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