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Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas will be releasing their first dual language single "Run Too Far" / "Escapar" on March 10th. Preorder is live HERE

Instant Records has announced the long-anticipated release of Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas’ new album, TELEPHONE / TELEFONO. The remarkable follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed SECRET EVIL arrives everywhere early this summer.

TELEPHONE / TELEFONO is Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas’ first full-length bilingual recording, to be released as a double-LP or CDs in both English and Spanish language versions, each with distinct production, lyrics, vocals, and arrangements.

Consequence Of Sound announced the albums yesterday with the release of the dual language single "Run Too Far" and "Escapar" in which they call “gold-flecked grooves of soul pop, jittery and shining with the same accessible vibes despite the varied language.” These songs will be available on all DSPs this Friday March 10th.

Tour Dates (more to be announced):

21 - Kalamazoo, MI - Bell's Eccentric
24 - SLC, UT - The State Room
26 - Napa, CA - BottleRock Napa Valley
28 - San Diego, CA - Soda Bar
30 - Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad

2 - Denver, CO - Lost Lake Lounge
3 - Omaha, NE - The Blackstone
11 – Camden, NJ - Radio 104.5 10th Anniversary Celebration @ BB&T Pavilion

About Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas:

Founded in Detroit in 2009, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas made their Instant Records debut with 2013’s acclaimed DEMONS. The EP earned national attention, with PopMatters hailing it as “an accomplished document that proves the band deserves all the hype they’ve been garnering.” “(Hernandez is) painting a very big picture,” declared The Huffington Post, “and her memorable voice is only one of the textured colors on a multidimensional palette.”



The Michigan Music Fest is brought to you by 89X Radio, The Crofoot, Smash Concerts, P.E.C Graphix bring you over a dozen bands all on The Crofoot Ballroom Stage bringing you some of the best and up and coming bands of all genre's....that is what the M.M.F. is all about to bring an array of diverse talent through out the day and night on this all day festival that has been going strong for the last 4 years now!!!

We'll have some great up and coming bands on this event which will be announced with in the next two weeks.

Please tune in to 89X / 88.7 for comercials and details about The M.M.F. with doors to open at 3p.m. sharp for this all day and all ages event. Tickets are $10.00 in advance and $15 dollars the day of the on the look out for the official line up.

Bands that are performing in no particular order:

Between Forms
Gnarled Within
As Voices Echo
Some People's Kids
The Coroners
Panda House
Most Wanted
Sixe Sixe
The Doozers Band Detroit
Reign Music




Returns This Friday To A Righteous Gig!

13 time Detroit Music Award winning band Sweet Crystal returns to one of their favorite events and venues - the 4th Friday Concert Series held every fourth Friday in Studio A at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center (also known as the Michael Guido Theatre).

Located at 15801 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn, join mega-talented host Rufus Harris as the band closes out the 2015 schedule for this prestigious and intimate night of music and message. Also sharing the night will be musician, singer and songwriter bassist Dray Hill.

Doors open at 8pm / Show starts at 8:30. Admission is $10 at the door. Money goes to support all the great ministries of CAMP ( 

This is the perfect venue for Sweet Crystal - they'd love to spend the evening with all of you there!



David Winans' PI Live wsg The Riddem Posse 
and a whole bunch of super-heroes, 
in concert at The White Rhino 
Saturday March 28th. 8:00 pm 
Limited seating available. 
Reserve your tables now. 313.54.1044



One of my favorite local bands that played around Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor were the Sunday Funnies. My gang of girls loved to dance to their fun tunes. We never missed them when they played near by.

Kim I hope ya get this email -

Was checking out your site Motorcity Music Archives and hope it's your site - lol (It's not mine it's Mike Krawczyk's LOL)

Just wanted to let you know all Sunday Funnies members are still alive but that includes me the drummer that took over for Richard Mitchel - Mitchel recorded the 45 for Hideout records and then the two albums for RareEarth and then left the band right after that early 1972.

I was a drummer friend of Mitchel's and Fidge and Aitken too - we all grew up together from the same neighborhood - anyways - we all stayed together till January 1st, 1975. We also had guitarist Gary Quackenbush (SRC) from middle of 1973 to the end.

Sad to say that years later Richard Mitchel ended up homeless and died in a halfway house in Detroit during the 90's.

I'm sending this and hope ya get it - you might want to get rid of the question marks on the page you have up for the Sunday Funnies... I'll ask Mike to zap the question marks for you guys ok?
with respect too - Rosco 63

*Richard Fidge (V)
*Ron Aiken (G, B, V)
*Richard Kosinski (K, V)
*Richard Mitchel (D)(RIP)
*Ross (Roscoe) (D)

"Heavy Music" / "Path Of Freedom" (Hideout) 1970
"Walk Down The Path Of Freedom" / "It's Just A Dream" (Rare Earth) September, 1971

"Sunday Funnies" (Rare Earth) May, 1971
"Benediction" (Rare Earth) May, 1972
See Ross' new band on Myspace






"Motown was about music for all people - white and black, blue and green, cops and robbers. I was reluctant to have our music alienate anyone." - Berry Gordy

Having grown up in the metro Detroit area, I had heard of the Hitsville museum but never visited. Hitsville is the original home of Motown Records and the very famous Studio A. Most of the original Motown artist recorded there. Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five, just to name a few.

These and countless other international stars got their start on their road to fame in this small unassuming converted house on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit less than 5 miles from downtown. I like Motown music, but I am a rocker at heart.

However, one of my son's biggest idols is Stevie Wonder, so we decided to take him on a field trip to Hitsville USA. To my surprise the visit turned out to be far beyond my expectations. The feelings that transpired when I walked through the doors are difficult to describe. Reading about it just doesn't do justice to this Detroit gem.

The admission for the one and a half hour tour was only $10.00. The tour sparked the realization of the immense impact that Hitsville and Motown Records had on the world. We are talking about the late 1950's and 60's, during a time of a segregated society when Barry Gordy, an African American man, left his secure job at Ford Motor Company to pursue his dream. He borrowed $800 to start his recording studio / label.

Within six years, his company was generating $20,000,000 per year. That in itself is amazing. What business even today has that kind of growth rate? At that time, Barry Gordy's company became the largest African American company in the country and according to some accounts, the largest in the world. When we toured the house, we stood in the small recording room that produced over 100 top 10 hits within 10 years.

Today, the museum represents so much more then just great music. People come from all over the world to visit including many famous musicians of all genres, such as Paul McCartney, who claimed to be "moved by the energy in the building."

The visit to Hitsville USA was a completely different experience for me than for my son who is an aspiring singer. He was fascinated with everything he learned about Stevie Wonder and the other great musicians. For me, I learned so much about what it means to have the faith, courage and drive to pursue a dream.

The Hitsville USA museum isn't only for Motown lovers. This landmark represents so much more. This is a place for all people who need to be reminded that their daydreams about leaving their jobs during insecure times to pursue a passion can become a reality.

This is a place for musicians of all genres. It is a place of musical inspiration to those who put in endless hours into the labor of love composing the right blend of lyrics and melodies with the goal of having their songs become hits.

This is a place for all those people who have experienced struggles and setbacks and need to be reminded of what faith, courage and drive is all about as they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and continue on.

Because the experience was so inspiring to me and also because I’m sure I missed some things, I plan to revisit Hitsville USA museum in the near future. I also plan to bring some friends along to share the experience. At some point I would love to meet the man who represents so much to all types of people, "white and black, blue and green, cops and robbers”~ Mr. Berry Gordy.

Jackie Wallace



This week, Sheldon and the gang (including me) will be attending the Detroit Music Awards, where Sheldon will be presenting an award as usual. Therefore, our broadcast will feature music from this year's DMA nominees.

To listen to the show this and every Friday at 6 PM EDT, go to and type WCXI in the searchbox on that page.

Join us for live chat during the show in our facebook group:

Posted by Cheri Clair 
Booking Agent/Promoter
Lincoln Park, Michigan  
Creative Director, Publicist RocknRoll Lawyer Show

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This week, Sheldon Kay and the gang will have, the author of Detroit Rock City: The Uncensored History, Steve Miller back in the studio for part two of their interview. The focus will be on garage bands and a few other things that weren't covered in the first episode.

To listen to the show, airing Friday, April 18 at 6 PM EDT, go to and type WCXI in the search bar. If you're mobile, download the free TuneIn app for your phone or other device.

Posted by Cheri Clair 
Booking Agent/Promoter
Creative Director, Publicist RocknRoll Lawyer Show
Lincoln Park, Michigan

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Sheldon and the gang will be interviewing author, Steve Miller, whose tome Detroit Rock City is in everybodies hands and conversations these days...

People interviewed for this book include Dan Carlisle, Mitch Ryder, Stirling Silver, VC Lamont Veasey, Ron Cooke, Don Was, Mark Norton, Hiawatha Bailey, Brian Pastoria, Tom Morwatts, Jerry Brazil, Dave Leone, Jann Uhelszki, Pete Cavanaugh, Punch Andrews, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek, Scott Richardson, Steve Fogey, David Teegarden, John Sinclair, Gary Rasmussen, S. Kay Young, K.J. Knight, Dennis Thompson, Jon Landau, Frank Bach, Rick Kraniak, Leni Sinclair, Sigrid Smith, Dennis Dunaway, Norm Liberman, John Koslosley, Pete Woodman, Susie Kaine, Jack Bodner, The worlds most pissed off guy Rick Stevers, Bill White, Donny Hartman, Shaun Murphy, Dave Palmer, Suzi Quartro, Ray Goodman, Gary Quackenbush, Becky Tyner, Jim McCarty, Jimmy Recca, Niagara, John Kordosh, Cathy Gisi, Robert Matheu, Nikki Corvette, Art Lyzak, Mike Rushlow, Skid Marx, Nick Kent, Dave Hanna, Ric Siegel, Peter Rivera, Gil Bridges, Mark Parenteau, Gail Parenteau, Michael Bruce, Jim Kosloskey, Cindy Lang, Tony Reay, Charlie Auringer, Tom Weschler, and Dick Wagner.

To listen to the show, airing Friday, April 11 at 6 PM EDT, go to and type WCXI in the search bar. If you're mobile, download the free TuneIn app for your phone or other device.

Posted by Cheri Clair
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 Creative Director, Publicist RocknRoll Lawyer Show

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Some called the MC5 (for "Motor City Five," after their home base) the first '70s band of the '60s. The group's loud, hard, fast sound and violently antiestablishment ideology almost precisely prefigured much of punk rock. There was, however, one crucial difference: The MC5 truly believed in the power of rock & roll to change the world. The band first formed in high school and came to prominence in 1967–68 as the figureheads (or "house band") of John Sinclair's radical White Panther Party.

At concerts and happenings the band caused a sensation by wearing American flags and screaming revolutionary slogans laced with profanities. In 1968 the MC5 went with Sinclair to Chicago to play while the Democratic Convention was under way. Its debut LP (#30, 1969), recorded live in 1968, captured the band in typical raw, revved-up, radical form, and embroiled Elektra Records in controversy over the title tune's loud-and-clear shout "Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!"

Some stores refused to stock the album; in response, the MC5 took out strongly worded ads in underground papers and, to Elektra's further distress, plastered one offending store's windows with Elektra stationery on which was scrawled, "Fuck you." Elektra and the MC5 parted company shortly thereafter, but not before the band had cut another version of "Kick Out the Jams," with "brothers and sisters" substituted for the offending expletive. (It was available as a single and on some subsequent issues of the album, against the band's wishes.) READ MORE ON MACHINE GUN'S BLOG



photo credit: Steve Sergent

Post by Cheri Clair

My phone rang Tuesday afternoon and I saw a new number on the screen. I was expecting my first call from Christina Chriss, a young artist who has been making waves in the scene for several years. I was curious to hear how she was feeling, because I had seen the many amazing photographs of her with her band, Kaleido, at the Majestic during the record release party for "Unbreakable", their second release in two and a half years.

photo credit: Steve Sergent

"The thing I remember most is that people were saying that the show was on another level." Christina said with an endearing mixture of awe and exhaustion.

photo credit: Steve Sergent

Kaleido have accomplished a lot since hitting the scene in October of 2011. In addition to travelling to both New York and L.A. (where they played the famed Viper Room), the band has played dates on the 2012 & 2013 Van's Warped Tour, CMJ Music Marathon, dates on the 2013 Rockstar Uproar Festival, lead singer Christina Chriss singing the National Anthem for the Detroit Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings, opening for Kid Rock, Evanescence, The Offspring, Chevelle, Skid Row, Tesla, and more. Kaleido was named the 2013 BEST BAND in DETROIT by Real Detroit Weekly, and also won the 'People's Choice' on 89x for 11 consecutive nights, beating big name artists Muse, Jack White, Blink 182, Dropkick Murphys, We Came As Romans, Silverstein & Billy Talent to name a few. The band is currently planning a midwest -- possibly national -- summer tour. "We're feeling things out." Chriss said.

Kaleido's latest release is available on iTunes, Google Play, and all the other online outlets in addition to being available for your listening pleasure on their own website:

Posted by Cheri Clair
Booking Agent/Promoter · Lincoln Park, Michigan
 Creative Director, Publicist RocknRoll Lawyer Show

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Grand Circus is a hard rockin band from the Motor City. No gimmicks. No games. No distracting light shows. Just straight up, in your face rock and roll. The band includes in their influences Black Sabbath, The Cult, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Motörhead.

The members of the band include:
Jason Cardasis - Guitar
Grov Tigue - Bass
Jimi Bowman - Drums
Joe Nora - Vocals

Wanna know more? Check out these links:

The latest from the band: "Well we have a new bass player, he is well-known in the Michigan bass world. Grov "Gt" Tigue aka Sir Slap Nasty. He brings a fresh sound to the low end. We just played our first headline show with him last weekend at Uli's Haus of Rock.

We are headlining a big show at Planet Rock on April 5th with three other Michigan based bands. June 26th we are headlining the 89x Homeboy show at the Bullfrog in Redford. We have Bloodline Riot in direct support with Ignoring the Echoes and Broken Day Machine.

We have an East Coast run in July as well as a run to Denver and back as direct support for the Denver based band A Memory Down. We are working with Matt Dalton to get on the Dirtfest and Rockapalooza festivals. I am also working on a Southern run through Texas for the fall.

As far as who have we played with? The list is long. We don't really like to say "we have shared the stage with so & so and so & so because every band can do that. Here are a few of the bands we were direct support for: Days of the New multiple times, Pop Evil, Sponge, Bullet Boys, Alien Ant Farm, Fozzy, Hed Pe, Soil, Prospect Hill, Mushroomhead, Eye Empire, Stardog Champion, Twice Broken, A Memory Down and the list goes on." Cheri Clair



The Porcelain Doll Collection is a punk/garage revival mostly female band from Riverview, MI. The band consists of Alayna Brooke on Vocals, Lauren C Reyna and Cam Anderson on Guitar, Dylan Kissel on Bass, and Zoe Kissel on Drums. TPDC was founded on September 23, 2012. TPDC is heavily influenced by the RIOT GRRRL movement. TPDC's sound can be likened to Bikini Kill, L7, Hole, The Cramps, and The Runaways.

Punk/grunge - TPDC draws inspiration from garage rock of the past and present. We aim to perform and inform. We are not here to bring around an old movement; we exist to create a whole new generation of music built on the staples of groups before us. An "in your face" act of feminism and other f-words over an energetic angst fest of raw music.



Sillies singer BEN WAUGH flies above the stage at Bookie's while Bob "Bootsey X" Mulrooney keeps a beat. PHOTO: Robert Matheu, Creem Magazine

One of the few outlets for original rock music in Detroit in the 70's were small theaters and auditoriums. The thriving ballroom scene and teen clubs of the late 60's and early 70's disappeared.

 The Hideout was a Harper Woods VFW Hall

The Hideout was a Harper Woods rental hall named Harper Hall which was leased weekends by Dave Leone and his partner "Punch" Andrews in the mid-60's and brought Bob Seger, Ted Nugent (Amboy Dukes), Grosse Pointe favorites The Underdogs, and many others their first taste of fame.

 Cinderella Theater on Jefferson

Concerts at the Cinderella Theater on Jefferson (where J. Geils recorded a live album) and the Eastown Theater in the early 70's just ceased to exist. After two concerts in 1977 at The Kramer Theater on Michigan near Livernois, a concert at the Trenton Theater downriver, and an abortive attempt to lease The Ramona Theater, I was looking for some way to play without losing any more hard-earned money I'd made on the Chrysler assembly line.

 In January '78, a boarded-up gay bar at John R and Seven Mile was made available to us as long as the owner got ALL the door receipts (or so I was told). A couple of those shows in January and February were packed houses, but I wasn't interested in continuing to make money for everyone else.

Sam "Bookie" Stewart offered us a weekend in March at his club and we agreed as a band to do it. The original bill was The Sillies, Coldcock, and Curly's Convicts, a Windsor band. The Denizens (from Livonia) ended up as the opener, which was fortuitous as they became a mainstay at Bookie's for the next two years as did Coldcock.

Much to my surprise, Don Fagenson (a.k.a. Don Was) brought the new MC-5 into Bookie's three weeks before our date in spite of the fact that the room hadn't had live music since band leader Frank Gagen ran the place back in the 40's or 50's.

The following week was Fagenson's "Motor City Revue" with The Traitors (Fagenson's "punk" band", The Niggers (a black concept band he had assembled), and The Pigs. Word was the turnout for both shows was less than hoped.

The following week, Sureshot Productions hastily assembled a few bands to fill in the night. The Sillies were asked to play, but we deemed it safer to wait until out own headline, which had been booked six weeks before.

The crowd for both March 17 and 18 were such that Bookie offered us the room to book from there on in. Ironically, I didn't WANT it! Bookie kept half the $3 a head admission price. Other bars would give you the ENTIRE door PLUS 10% of the bar receipts. My rhythm guitarist begged me to partner with him on the room and, being my best friend, I reluctantly agreed. I had no idea that it would change the live rock scene in Detroit for the next 35 years.



I've been representing Sheldon Kay and his radio show for several years now and I feel like I've know him forever. Our relationship is nearly telekinetic. I try to anticipate his needs... or help him find the words he's looking for... or sometimes we just look at each other and know what we're thinking. It's an ideal business relationship because nothing is more important than communication.

The Rock and Roll Lawyer Show, which celebrates the rockabilly, roots, and other various musical realms, airs every Friday at 6 PM EST on WCXI 1160-AM -- which can be heard on terrestial radio in some areas and streaming worldwide using or the TuneIn App for mobile devices.

Sheldon Kay is really a lawyer and he's gotta work sometime....

One of my favorite parts of working with the radio show is chatting with listeners in our facebook group:

I look forward to meeting lots of new listeners!

Cheri Clair is the Creative Director and Publicist for Sheldon Kay, The Rock and Roll Lawyer... in addition to being a contributing editor here, booking bands and doing promotion.

Episodes of one season of Cheri's own radio show with her husband, 'The Shagg & Cheri Radio Blast', can be heard at

Cheri's email address is



Cheri Clair introduces two young bands making big waves in the waters of Detroit


The young standout band The Porcelain Doll Collection is a punk/garage revival, mostly female, band from Riverview, MI. The band consists of Alayna Brooke on Vocals, Lauren C Reyna and Cam Anderson on Guitar, Dylan Kissel on Bass, and Zoe Kissel on Drums. TPDC was formed on September 23, 2012. TPDC is heavily influenced by the RIOT GRRRL movement and garage rock/punk. TPDC's sound can be likened to Bikini Kill, L7, Tijuana Sweetheart, The Ramones, The Cramps, Kathleen Hanna, The Runaways, Joan Jett, and The Cramps. 

 Quote from the band: "We aren't here to bring around an old movement, we're here to create a whole new generation built on the staples of groups before us. An "in your face" act of feminism and other f-words over an energetic angst fest of raw music." 


Three Macomb teens have been shocking audiences and making waves all over Metro Detroit lately. The band, appropriately known as Shock Wave, has been together for about 3 years, but in that short time, has played an unprecedented amount of shows. Comprised of Angelo Coppola (17) – Drums & Lead Vocals, and brothers David Frankel (16) – Guitars, and Dylan Frankel (18) – Bass & Vocals, these young men have been making a name for themselves in the local and national rock scene. 

Aside from performing all over Metro Detroit, the band has made it a priority to use their talents to help those less fortunate. In their short time together, Shock Wave has played for over a dozen charitable events ranging from fundraisers for private individuals in need, to well known non-profit organizations that have raised money for children’s autism, toys for tots, breast cancer, children’s hospital and more. 



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